Is Zim’s revolution at crossroads?

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Is Zim’s revolution at crossroads? Zanu-PF Secretary for Youth Cde Kudzi Chipanga

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Youth League Secretary Kudzai Chipanga

Youth League Secretary Kudzai Chipanga

Stephen Mpofu Correspondent
It is common cause and obligatory under Zimbabwe’s supreme law for individuals as well as legal institutions to nurture the revolution that secured Zimbabwe from a foreign ruing culture by zealously protecting the social, political and economic derivatives of the armed struggle in which our people paid the supreme price for freedom and independence that we now enjoy today. According to legal experts, the political stabilisation intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) was in accordance with dictates and tenets of the Constitution and in respect of SADC and AU security protocols.

The ZDF emphasised that the action that they took was not a military takeover of the Government, but one intended to get rid of Machiavellian elements that had surrounded the President. One is immediately reminded of a parable in Matthew 13: 24-30 that Jesus told to his disciples about an enemy who sowed tares into another man’s wheat field.

The two crops were left to grow together until cropping time, when the tares were then uprooted and burnt. In the case in point in Zimbabwe, the military has no doubt decided that it was now time to weed out the tares, alias criminals hibernating in Government to sow seeds of discord, if not regime change altogether, in order to save the revolution.

And guess what? Responses by Zimbabweans through social media as well as through interpersonal communication appear to suggest popular – for good or other reasons – by Zimbabweans at home and in the international Diaspora.

Take for instance a statement by zanu-pf’s National Secretary for Youth Affairs Kudzanai Chipanga in which he castigated Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga in the media, allegedly for meddling in civilian affairs in a disguised pursuit of his selfish interests and those of axed Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But in a dramatic turn of events, Cde Chipanga apologised to the army commander, claiming that the statement he made attacking the ZDF chief was not his own, but it was foisted on him to publish it.

The enemy behind that written statement must be exposed and dealt with for intentionally souring relations between the Youth League and the ZDF, when both organisations are supposed to work together to protect and nurture the independence and freedom for which many young men and young women paid the ultimate price during the freedom struggle. It appears imperative therefore for the criminal element or elements who put Chipanga and along with him the zanu-pf Youth League at daggers-drawn with General Chiwenga and the military establishment that he represents.

The case involving Cde Chipanga and the army commander will no doubt raise suspicion as to the original sources, and not the publishers of statements made by leaders of other zanu-pf structures.

Heads must roll in this case as well as in other cases where Government leaders have helped themselves to sState funds and where others have gone to the shameless extent of berating the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission for spending more time investigating corruption by some top Government officials. But surely this country’s criminal laws do not regard those in high authority who abuse their offices by indulging in corruption as sacred cows and therefore immune to prosecution.

All shadowy characters engaged in activities detrimental to Zimbabwe’s economic recovery as well as social development and political maturation should be accounted for as their activities run counter to our cherished revolution which should remain an unimpeded focus for this nation. There are dangerous people who are wont to line up as Trojan horses, smuggling in proponents of regime change for bloody money, thereby paving the way for contemporary imperialism.

With the rainy season upon us and on the eve of harmonised elections next year, it is imperative that Zimbabweans forge unity among themselves in order to restore our country to its status as the breadbasket of Southern Africa and hold elections that will be free and fair, transparent and credible so as to shame the prophets of doom that wish the country ill.

It is to be hoped that SADC and other progressive forces will quickly help restore political normalcy in Zimbabwe with the current defence intervention an example of how political and social challenges elsewhere in Africa can be resolved without loss of lives.

The Church as Christ’s vessel of the good news should be seen to demonstrate its clout through prayer and fasting to promote love, national unity, peace and stability and national development to keep Zimbabwe on track into a brave new future.

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