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‘Is this car stolen, do you know this is first class?’

05 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
‘Is this car stolen, do you know this is first class?’ Danny Rose

The Herald

Danny Rose

Special Correspondent

“it’s not just football. I got stopped by the police last week, which is a regular occurrence whenever I go back to Doncaster, where I’m from.

“Each time it’s, ‘Is this car stolen? Where did you get this car from? What are you doing here? Can you prove that you bought this car?’

“You know, for me, this has been happening since I was 18, since I was driving and each time it happens I just laugh, because I know what’s coming.

“It’s just how it is. Whenever I go on the train. One of the last times I got on the train, I got on with my bags and the attendant said, ‘Do you know this is first class?’ I say, ‘Yeah, so what?’

“They ask to see my ticket and I show the lady it and this is no word of a lie, two people, white people, walk on the train after me and she says nothing.

“I asked, ‘Are you not going to ask for their tickets?’ and she just said, ‘Ah no, I don’t need to’.

“So, people might think it happens but to me that’s racism. These are the things I have to put up with, being stopped all the time and being asked if I know this is first class and to show my ticket.

“This is everyday life for me but I feel embarrassed to even complain in a way, or bring it up, when you see the incident in America where a man, a black man, lost his life at the hands of people who were supposed to protect and serve.

“Whenever I do say things or complain, you do hear people say, ‘Well, you’re on this money so just get on with it’. I just give up with hoping that things will change because that’s some people’s mentality towards racism.

“Particularly, when I go home to Doncaster, I don’t like to drive so I get the train, but whenever I do drive, I kid you not I will get stopped at some point while I’m in Doncaster, pulled over and questioned.

“My friends have been there with me a lot of the time when it’s happened. The last time, last week, when I’d just been at my mum’s house, I had pulled up in a car park so the engine was off.

“The police pulled in and they brought a riot van, three police cars and they questioned me. They said they’d had a report that a car had not been driving correctly.

“So I’m like, ‘Ok, so why does that make it my car?’ I got my ID out and they breathalysed me. It’s just honestly one of those things to me now. What can I do?

“I don’t understand what I can do or who I can complain to. This happened first when I was 15 and it’s still happening now I’m 30. So 15 years of this on and off the field happening and there’s no change whatsoever.

“Obviously, there’s never been such a devastating incident in what happened in America, George Floyd passing away.

“So, for me that’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever seen in the world, let alone football. All I can say is that things have happened in the past, nowhere near to the extent of what happened in America and a month or two later it’s just business as normal.

“So, I hope this is something that now will catch everybody’s eyes, ears and their mind. All we can do now is wait and see and hope that nothing like that happens again.’’

England international footballer, Danny Rose, who claims he has been racially abused for 15 years, was speaking on the Second Captains podcast

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