Iranian army strengthens capabilities in electronic warfare


General Mohammad-Hossein Dadras said that “Very effective steps have been taken in the field of communication, which has undergone great changes.”

Iran has also updated its defense sector proportionate to its needs in electromagnetic waves, said Dadras, adding that the Islamic republic enjoys a high standing in the field of electromagnetic waves used in modern warfare. “We possess the most recently developed equipment and devices in the field of communications,” he was quoted as saying.

Also on Tuesday, Commander of Iranian Army Ground Force, Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan, told reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony in Tehran that Iran’s military units are able to stay in communication amid an electronic attack aimed at jamming and disrupting their contacts, according to Fars.

“Communications will be crucial in future . . . and our Armed Forces have fully realised this and have prepared themselves proportionate to today’s needs,” Pourdastan was quoted as saying.

“We are equipped with electronic warfare systems in order not to remain just a defending force but rather become able to jam enemies’ communication systems,” he added.

In October, Commander of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, Farzad Esmaili, told Fars that Iran’s defense forces had promoted their electronic and IT capabilities because future wars on Iran would most likely be electronic and cyber wars. — Xinhua

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