Iran offers free medication to Zimbabwean patients


Melody Mashaire Herald Reporter
The Iranian government yesterday provided free medical services to patients in Harare as part of the Asian country’s Revolutionary Day commemorations.

Iranian Clinic of Red Crescent Clinic managing director Dr Mohammad Ramezani said the clinic was hoping to increase its free health services to the vulnerable people in Zimbabwe.

This is in addition to the health care being offered through a Government to Government partnership between the two countries.

“In commemoration of the Iranian Revolution Day, the Red Crescent Clinic is offering the free body mass index check, blood pressure check, blood sugar test, HIV testing, HIV counselling and free dental consultation,” he said.

“We are also discounting 50 percent on radiology scan services on patients above 50 years and 25 percent on all patients, our general practitioner consultation is only $4.”

Dr Ramezani said the clinic had been providing affordable health services for the past 14 years and last year they conducted six health campaigns which saw them providing treatment to 16 250 patients.

“In 2015, we had health campaigns and this year we will have the same six health campaigns.”

Dr Ramezani said as part of the agreement between Zimbabwe and Iran in 2002, the clinic was planning to commission a state-of-the-art clinic in Harare’s First Street.

“We have expansion plans in 2016, in accordance to the agreement with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare we want to launch a state-of-the-art clinic which will include a dental clinic, a specialist clinic and a digital radiology department,” he said.

“We are hoping to increase our services to the vulnerable people of Zimbabwe, our main idea is to provide affordable medical services to the vulnerable people of Zimbabwe.

“We provide cheaper medical fees, for example consultation for a general practitioner is only $8 at our clinic and at our other branch in Glen View it’s $5.

“We are planning to open another branch in a high density suburb in Harare.”

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