Intervention improves urban service delivery Progress was at a snail’s pace until Bitumen World was contracted to fully implement the project.

Blessings Chidakwa-Municipal Reporter

FOLLOWING Government intervention service delivery in urban areas has improved drastically with residents now enjoying access to water while roads are being rehabilitated.

Central Government was forced to step in and fill the gaping void left by opposition councils in urban areas where service delivery was next to naught as councillors creamed off residents.

The Government, that is building dams to ensure adequate provision of water, has also quenched the thirst of urbanites under the ongoing Presidential drilling borehole programme which has seen boreholes being drilled in Harare’s suburbs of Epworth, Glen Norah and Mabvuku, and also the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.

The Second Republic is drilling boreholes as a temporary measure for Harare province, as works on the multi-million dollar Kunzvi Dam, which is expected to end the capital’s water challenges, continue.

Under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) major roads linking suburbs that were potholed are being rehabilitated as Government implements development that leaves no one and no place behind.

The Seke Road is currently being upgraded to world-class standards with reconstruction and repairs being undertaken at Chinhamo area, Manyame Bridge, Zororo and Chikwanha.

In Chitungwiza the acting Mayor Councillor Kiven Mutimbanyoka said the President has rescued the town.

“This time around there is a Presidential borehole drilling programme with 40 modernised boreholes being drilled in Chitungwiza after the President realised our challenges. It is a response to a distressed call we highlighted to him as a council.

“We also highlighted that we didn’t have a water source. As a temporary measure to assist the council he then said in the meantime they must be an intervention. We really want to applaud the President for responding to our distress call,” he said.

A Manyame Park resident, Mrs Priscilla Zisengwe said since boreholes were drilled, access to water has improved.

“Water has been a major challenge in the area. At most, we receive tap water once a week, but sometimes we even go for a month without supplies forcing us to resort to unsafe water sources.

“I am more than grateful that the Government has decided to drill boreholes for us. I used to spend more than an hour queuing for water at a borehole, but now within a few minutes all will be well,” she said.

A Glen Norah C resident Miss Anymore Hunda thanked the listening Zanu PF Government for championing development in the area.

“We now have gone 22 years without water as a result of incompetence by the Harare City Council officials. We thank the Government for increasing water sources. It was a major challenge in our area,” she said.

 Mr Johannes Chihweni Majongwe said the drilling of boreholes in urban areas will help ease water woes.

“All these years there was no development in the cities and towns, we are happy that now we will be drinking potable water,” he said.

“Residents here have been resorting to unsafe water sources and drinking dirty water. We are more than grateful that at least will receive portable water.”

An Epworth resident, Mr Simbarashe Mazarura said the opposition-led local authority has failed to provide services to residents and now their hopes rest with Government.

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