Insurer introduces DIY licence machine

17 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Insurer introduces DIY  licence machine The automated licensing machine is expected to bring customer convenience

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LOCAL insurance company, Genetic Financial Services, trading as Gene-Insure has introduced a self-service Zinara licensing and motor vehicle insurance automated licensing machine to bring convenience to the market.

GeneInsure, a multiple insurance agent, is underwritten by Zimnat General Insurance

Michelle Dengu, GeneInsure marketing officer, said the innovation was a first in the country’s insurance sector.

“GeneInsure takes pride in being the first and only one in the Zimbabwean insurance sector to provide self service insurance through the automated licensing machine — (ALM).

“The kiosks are found at selected OK, Bon Marche stores, select TotalEnergies service stations, Zinara offices country wide, TechCentre Montague, Leading Ways Arundel and select tollgates,” she said in a statement.

She said at the self-service kiosk, one could buy their vehicle insurance, Zinara licence discs and ZBC vehicle licences, all on a single platform.

“The ALM allows one to buy their Zinara licence, ZBC licence and motor vehicle insurance within five minutes or less when doing a renewal,” said Dengu.

She noted that the automated licensing machine brings convenience to customers as it enables them to buy licence discs for their vehicles whilst doing their grocery shopping.

Other benefits are that there will be no queues and one can make payment from home and then pass through the shop at their convenience to collect the disk.

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