Inside Mai Titi’s artistry world

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Inside Mai Titi’s artistry world Mai Titi

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Ruth Butaumocho Herald Correspondent

In the 17th century, lived a man called Vincent van Gogh in the Netherlands.

Van Gogh was a Dutch painter, generally considered to be the greatest painter of all times.

It is said that Van Gogh sold only one artwork during his life, but in the century after his death he became perhaps the most recognised painter of all time.

Long after his death, those who worked with him conceded he was born an artist. Van Gogh was purely talented.

The necessity of natural-born talent in shaping an artist rings true in the life of Felistas Murata, aka Mai Titi, a comedian, musician and controversial socialite, who seems to have struck a good chord in the musical circles.

Without paying attention to her social media posts which are often unsavoury and unbridled, Murata is an upcoming talented artist, with an impressive craft that is blossoming with each project.

She has good voice projection, which can be soothing and reinforcing depending on the message in the song. Murata, whose other moniker is “Mura”, short for Murandakadzi is also nimble-footed and exhibits clear passionate love for all forms of artwork, a virtue, which comes out clearly in all her musical projects.

Though few, and probably still trying to get into the market, Mai Titi’s artistic products clearly exhibit, high-level of ingenuity, deep seated passion and versatility, as shown by a few — but good collaborations she has had with local artists.

She might have done several solo projects and also worked with a coterie of other musicians, but her collaboration with Baba Harare in a song titled “Rita” curated an epic package, propelling her into the limelight.

The song, devoid of any lyrical prowess, but strong on instrumentation and powerful voice coordination provided by the two, brilliantly exposed Murata’s talent as a musician blessed with a strong, but composed vocal ability.

In the song, Murata put heart, mind and soul to the song, exuding energy to match that of the jit maker, who is known for his raunchy and highly octane dances.

Although she struggles to pronounce some English words in the song “Huya Undinyepere”, which she did with Lazzie T, in the romantic and sensuous song, Murata exhibits her prowess in dancing through her well-choreographed footwork , probably to make up for her deficiency in pronouncing some English phonetics. She lets her breath-taking dances, tell the heart-rending story of a love-sick partner in a relationship who is threatening to leave for lack of attention.

Her versatility comes out clearly in her song “Utange Neni”, which she did with UK-based artist Icey Stanley, where she sounds like an enthusiastic teenage, who is willing to try anything. Although the song “Utange Neni”, preceded other collaborations, it received a lukewarm response.

However such a temporary setback, did not dampen Murata’s ingenuity. She was to expand her discography by collaborating with several other artists that included Freeman HKD Boss on the song Zi-Zi, Batsirai Shasha, UK based musician Lamont Chitepo and Mr Fit.

Her biggest strength is her vocal ability, which allows a distinctive vocal style, giving her lyrics clarity and range. As a result, Murata is able to imbue each note with a tangible emotion-if it is a love ballad. Her voice resonates with the message being portrayed. A dirge, will come out as such, filled with so much emotions, that you feel the pain through her voice.

Murata can easily transcend from secular to gospel and still maintain that commanding and compelling tone that makes her voice wrap around your heart.

Inspired by positive comments from her fans, Murata is not about to let her gauntlet in music soon, judging by the time she has been spending in the studio, working on a number of yet-to-be-released musical projects .

She has already fired warning shots with her upcoming song, Mbavha Yerudo, which she is working on with Natasha Muz, a hip hop artist of the Juzi hit song.

Murata is also set to collaborate with one of the sensational Zimbabwe’s female artistes, Feli Nandi, in yet unnamed collaboration, which could be a hit if done properly .

Outside the studio, Murata has proved good entertainer during live shows. Her prowess was clearly exhibited in many of the live virtual performance musical shows, hosted by NashTV, where she got rave reviews and high number of views.

Murata, has also tried her hand in acting and she probably could have honed her skills in acting had she featured in the film, “A Life To Regret” starring popular Congolese Rumba musician, Awilo Longomba.

Although she does not have a clearly defined genre yet, having tried her hand at zimdancehall, contemporary, gospel and jit, Murata is one the discerning local artists to look out for.

However, her probable demise would be failure to separate her artistic works from her controversial social and personal life that have seen her hogging the limelight for the wrong reason.

In her wisdom or lack of it, Murata has been at the centre of controversy, where she has been spewing vitriolic attacks against other   socialites.

If she is not being lambasted on social media and different groups for various reasons based on her social life, Murata would be unashamedly trolling others on the same platforms.

Whether she does that to increase followers on her social pages, or its just inane pure malice on her part, her love for controversy, trolling and her penchant for lurid and obscene language could be her greatest downfall.

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