Inside Greatman’s wedding planning

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Inside Greatman’s wedding planning Greatman and his wife Silibaziso

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Kudzaishe Muhamba Lifestyle Writer

The bar has been set high. 

Last week, social media went into a frenzy after the lobola ceremony of fashionista Daniella Allen and Nigerian businessman Mr Igho Ubiribo held at The Nest at 30 in Harare.

The couple painted the town green from having Nigerian musician Davido in attendance  to nice decorum.

Some concluded that it was the lobola  ceremony of the year, although we are only a few days into January.

Now it seems the ceremony exerted pressure on local celebrities who are set to wed this year.

Five days down the line, Afro-fusion artiste Greatman (Tongai Gwaze) has announced that his wedding celebrations are scheduled for February 6.

The couple tied the knot at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts last Wednesday. The ceremony was presided over by magistrate Judith Taruvinga and the couple was accompanied by two witnesses.

Greatman poses for a photograph with his son and the wedding planners

At the court ceremony, the couple did not exchange rings as they opted to do so on the day of the wedding party which will be held at the Village Gardens in Mabvuku, Harare.

In an interview, Greatman was ecstatic and looking forward to the wedding celebrations.

He even said all was set for the event and they had engaged an event planner. 

“I know many people will be shocked on why we did not exchange our rings at the court. We will do so on February 6,’’ said Greatman.

Greatman’s wife,  Silibaziso, said the wedding preparations were underway and many people were chipping in to support the wedding in cash and kind. The couple is appealing for more help from well-wishers.

“Right now we are receiving cash and food for the wedding party and we are still inviting more well-wishers to come on board and help us,’’ said Silibaziso.

The wedding will mark two-and-a-half years of their relationship which was blessed with a son, Karran Gwaze who was born in May last year.

The couple have partnered with the TEO Events who are doing all the work to source the funds for the wedding and also to put all the logistics in place.

“We roped in TEO events to come and assist us. We are working together now and everything is going well,’’ said Greatman.

TEO Events planned the wedding party of Sinikiwe Kademaunga and Reuben Zhivha last November and the wedding party went viral on social media.

Mr Mathew Mhembere of the TEO Events confirmed that  they were working with the couple and said everything was going smoothly.

“Everything is going well, we have already secured a venue, the decor, clothing and photographers, but we are still in need of financial resources to cover many other expenses. 

‘‘A wedding always comes with many costs,’’ said Mhembere.

Greatman said that he was inspired by the wedding of Sinikiwe and Reuben and since then he felt that it is possible for him to follow suit.

“The wedding party of Sinikiwe and Reuben was an inspiration to my wife, and I. Since then I thought that it is possible for me to do the same.’’ 

The marriage of Greatman and Silibaziso sparked debate, with some people dismissing it as a prank.

 The couple was bullied on social media, with some saying the marriage was on the rocks and this time the couple want to prove their critics wrong.

“This is a time to prove to our haters wrong because we were abused on social media many times,’’ said Silibaziso.

Greatman and wife

Also Greatman said that their wedding was a testimony that everything was possible and could also change the perception of the community towards people with disabilities.

“This wedding can show the community that disability is not inability, everything is possible and people should change their mind towards the disabled,’’ said Greatman.

 The wedding will be graced by various artistes across all the genres.

“I have many colleagues in the music industry who are coming through to grace the event. I cannot mention their names yet, but I’ve confirmed that we are going to have the big names on that day.’’ 

There will also be some guests from beyond our borders who will attend the event.

“We are expecting guests from outside the country who are coming through, so it will be a great event.’’

Greatman said that he will never down his tools amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and insisted that he was going to work very hard in his career.

“Since March 2020 we are enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, but I want to assure you that I’m not going to down my tools, I will keep on fighting very hard, and more albums are coming very soon,’’ 

He is planning to release an album after the wedding party as a gift to guest. It will also carry a single that will feature the video of the wedding party.

“I’m readying a new album right now and we have it in the studios. We are going to release it after the wedding as a gift to our well-wishers,’’ said Greatman.

The invitation cards are out and only invited guests would be allowed access. The number of guests  is limited in accordance with Covid-19 health protocols.

TEO Events are handling the invitations and the invited guests are advised to respond in time.

“We are advising all the invited guests to reply in time so that we can know who is coming,’’ said Mhembere.

Individuals and organisations who want to contribute towards the wedding can get in touch with the TEO events on 0772866545. Greatman is encouraging the public to only follow information from TEO Events.

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