Innovator dreams big, targets  five labs in rural areas Ambassador Makomborero Sivangani

Phillipa Mukome-Chinhoi-Youth Interactive Correspondent

UPCOMING young entrepreneur Ambassador Makomborero Sivangani (20) is on a mission to make sure that every youth in Zimbabwe has access STEM Education materials so that it can transform their lives.

Sivangani, a trainee power plant operator at Zimbabwe Power Company, is the founder and CEO at Black Einstein’s Laboratories (Pvt)Ltd, Youth Unite Integral and Young Einstein’s Hub. 

In the SADC region he is recognized as the Africans in STEM Ambassador to Zimbabwe. 

Sivangani’s said his vision is to make sure that every youth in the country has access to STEM Education materials so that they learn how to operate computers, learn programming and operating other materials etc. 

He is not only supporting the STEM programme alone, as he is also helping school children publish and launch books and novels as well as having discussions on the most critical situations such as how to handle depression, gender based violence GBV especially in man under his initiative called “YouthUnite Integral”

“I started as an innovator at Nyamuzuwe High School were l did my first projects which were the sound gun and the battery powered projector. 

‘‘I had done the hydro electric power generator partly then l moved to Prince Edward School which exposed me to real time competition in the innovation space. I worked on the hydro electric power generator (pumped up hydro) project and perfected it with the assistance of my mentors at Elevate Trust,” said Sivangani.

The hydro electric power generator (pumped hydro) project is a new and improved way of generating electricity in Zimbabwe mainly on both small scale (private use in houses and communities) and large scale (national use).  

It uses some of the concepts from the pumped hydro plants in other countries but with the help of technology he has managed to size it down to something that can be built in a backyard. 

Sivangani has developed a prototype which he presented at many competitions and impressed many people and scooped many awards.

With the prize money he has won from the competitions, Sivangani has managed to register three companies. He is in the process of looking for a container supplier whom he can go into a partnership with to  launch  mini container laboratories in different provinces and districts of Zimbabwe. 

“As it is my vision, mission and dream, l would like to launch at least five labs in the rural areas and make sure that every youth gets access to STEM education materials and equipment. 

“It is also my wish to find a space to use in every town of every province so that l also launch science centres to enable the youths in the surrounding areas access the STEM education”. 

“Previously l had my first lab in Marlborough Westgate before my landlord started to use the space for his school lessons and practicals despite all the effort l had put in painting and maintaining the place. I started these projects when l was in 2016.

“For other funding l used my salary.  I used to have a donor, but seems like he just wanted to use me so from then l never got anyone to fund me. That’s why I also closed the lab in Marlborough,”he said.

“The exposure l got from Nyamuzuwe High School inspired me and what l got from Prince Edward School made me realise that the rural schools are very backward even if they are beautiful. I started thinking of my other colleagues whom l had left at Nyamuzuwe without any assistance. 

‘‘With this in mind l decided to open these centres to assist innovators get the space, exposure and funding of their project so that they scale up.

“My advice to the youth is that we must use the talent we are always given from young ages till today but we tend to ignore it as youths. 

‘‘l have in my plans an idea of refurbishing all community centres and youth centres so that the youths will not have an idle mind which will lead them to drugs because l believe that if they have a safe space to use their talents and innovate they will not find time for that. 

‘‘For those who are already doing drugs, l say they must be motivated to be better people.

“Lastly to all the youths, l say it’s never too late to start. 

‘‘I had told myself that l will never work for anyone and l worked hard towards that, that is why my first company was registered when l was about to turn 18,” he said.

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