Industry ready to complement new Govt Mr Jabangwe

Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent
THE manufacturing industry has expressed readiness to work with the incoming Government led by President-elect, Emerson Mnangagwa in turning around the fortunes of the country’s economy. According to Confederation for Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) President Mr Sifelani Jabangwe, the manufacturing industry is ready to engage the new administration to achieve the medium income per capita goal by 2030.

He said President Mnangagwa was a tried and tested cadre who is capable of creating an environment that allows for the goal to be achieved.

“We have many engagements with Government but at the moment we are keen to drive at achieving the fulfilment of vision 2030, which will see our economy attaining medium per-capita by that year,” said Mr Jabangwe.

He challenged the incoming Government to ensure the reduction of production costs, which in turn makes it easy for production to take place, increasing end product prices in the process.

“The incoming Government should work on cutting of production costs like labour, power and other costs which make the prices too high. The prices become uncompetitive on the global market,” he said.

The private sector, he said, should also up its production scale and work together with the Government as the economy revival process requires a combined effort.

“The process is not for sector by sector basis. We need to come up with new production lines, that is, to combine sectors into one working unit. I, therefore, urge the private sector to scale up its production and engage the Government. There is definitely no politics in development,” said Mr Jabangwe.

“We are not looking at the economy to drive itself. We need the private sector, the Government, the academia and everyone’s input.

“And I believe President Mnangagwa is ready to create such an environment, which is conducive for business to take place.”
Partnerships, which enable companies to secure funding, were also needed, Mr Jabangwe said.

“We need the Government to facilitate partnerships, which makes it easy for companies to secure funding. We also need to create a value chain, which makes it easy for the companies to produce knowing there is ready market,” said Mr Jabangwe.

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