Indian women in panic mode over hair theft

Indian women in panic mode over hair theft

The Herald

NEW DELHI. – Women in north Indian states are living in fear following mysterious incidents of women waking up in the morning to find their hair cut, police said on Saturday.

The grapevine had it that a hair-cutting “ghost” is roaming in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and national capital Delhi, laying its hands on braids of women. So far more than 50 women have reported that they woke up to find their braids chopped off.

Most of the victims told their relatives and police that prior to bizarre attacks they fell unconscious and woke up to find their hair cut.

The women believe that some supernatural beings (ghosts) are behind the incidents. So far police are clueless about the incident and urge people against spreading rumours about hair-cutting ghosts or witches.

Meanwhile, three new incidents were reported from Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. The panic-stricken women were taken to hospital and their relatives showed chopped hair to doctors and local media. “Most of the victims have found their cut-off braids next to them upon waking up,” a police official told Xin- hua

“Some of the victims told the attacker was an elderly man, while others say they have seen black cat and witch carrying out attacks.” Ironically, none of the victims has been harmed or robbed during the attacks that have been going on for the past two months.

“We have recorded the complaints, but so far we are unable to get the leads to investigate the incidents,” the police official said. “On the crime scenes there are no clues and victims are perfectly all right without any evidence of having suffered an attack on their bodies.” – Xinhua.

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