Indian medical experts head to Manicaland

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Indian medical experts head to Manicaland

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Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter

A group of Indian medical doctors is in the country to provide free medical services in Manicaland Province under the auspices of the International Rotary Club.

The 20-member medical team is expected in Manicaland during the next 10 days to offer voluntary training to staff at different hospitals.

In an interview after the group’s arrival at  Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Saturday, Chitungwiza Rotary Club president Mrs Rose Elizabeth Peters said they sought to facilitate medical procedures, including surgeries, in line with information from the province’s medical director.

“As Rotarians, we are here to serve the people. Today I am preparing to go to Manicaland for meetings with the leaders, administrators for the vocational training team programme specifically in hospitals in Mutare which include Sakubva and Mutare Provincial Hospital,” said Mrs Peters.

“Our intention is to carry out many medical procedures from the eyes to the teeth, basic surgeries, general surgeries depending on the information we are given by the administration at the hospitals in Mutare,” she said.

“It is definitely going to be free of charge. However, the Manicaland medical director will give us the details. The medical mission will be carried out over a period of 10 days,”

Mrs Peters said they had started preparations for the 2020 medical mission where at least 19 medical experts are expected to reinforce operations and among them Rotary International Club president.

“We had some preparations in May and June this year for the medical mission we are going to host in March 2020. We are expecting at least 19 or more medical experts to come from India as well as it might be possible, the Rotary International President Mac Mallon might be able to join as a volunteer, Mac Mallon is a lawyer by profession, not a medical doctor as I am.

“He will offer services in whatever way he can to the medical doctors and people in the country,” she added

Team leader Mr Madhukar Malhotra said they had come to offer services on a voluntary basis.

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