LILONGWE. – India High Commission in Lilongwe has said there is no diplomatic row between India and Malawi over the deportation of a dubious Indian businessman Chandrashaker More, saying it is a “minor issue” that will not affect the historical relationship between the two countries but the Commission has been busted lying that it never asked for security protection of More.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services in May deported Chandrashaker More, who owes the public tax collector 20 million Malawian kwacha, and had also racially insulted Police officers at the court calling them “poor plebs”.

The Indian High Commission has been pressing the Malawian government and its agencies to allow More back in the country with the deputy high commissioner taking a personal interest in the matter and seeking police protection for its national.

But in a “press release” published in the Weekend Nation newspaper of July 8 2017, the Indian High Commission denied that it has not requested at any point of time to provide diplomatic privileges, right or immunity to More.

“The security provided to him was extended by police authorities, which is a standard procedure, if the conditions to provide security are met,” the statement reads.

However, a letter Nyasa Times sourced shows that Indian High Commission requested for two armed Malawi Police officers for More. The close protection was not extended by police.

Nonetheless, the Indian High Commission says it continues to support the efforts of Malawi to promote private sector investment in the country.

Malawi says it welcomes genuine Indian investors and give them conducive environment to do business in the country but has refused to be stampeded on More who is described as “dubious”.

Indian diplomats said the “High Commission has a role in promoting bilateral commercial and business relations between India and Malawi and will continue to work towards that goal.”

Minister of Home Affairs Chiumia has stressed that the dubious Indian investor will remain a prohibited immigrant in Malawi.

“I would like to point out that there is no way someone, who has been deported would be allowed to come back into this country. It means the passport of such a person is completely cancelled,” Chiumia said.

The Minister made the remarks in Parliament. – Nyasa Times.

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