Increased robberies: Police step up fight Office Commanding Harare Province Commissioner Wonder Tembo said the police were mandated to make sure that everyone was safe and secure. 

Remember Deketeke and Berven Fombe

The police are intensifying night patrols to address armed robberies, ensuring safety and security, and help protect service stations now being targeted, Office Commanding Harare Province Commissioner Wonder Tembo told service station owners and managers yesterday.

Speaking at the inaugural police meeting with owners and managers of service stations in Harare yesterday, Commissioner Tembo said the police were mandated to make sure that everyone was safe and secure. 

Some victims of these robberies have been left hurt and injured.

“Let me assure you as the Zimbabwe Republic Police we are committed to address this issue head-on and ensure your safety and security,” said Commissioner Tembo. 

“It is quite disturbing that in less than two months, we have recorded over 12 armed robberies at different stations across our greater service area in Harare Province. 

“The victims have lost substantial amounts of money and property as a result of the crimes. In some instances, the attendants were left nursing physical and psychological wounds.” 

Commissioner Tembo called for cooperation between the service stations, police and the community in addressing the challenge of armed robberies

“I recommend collaboration between you, law enforcement, agencies, and the community,” he said. “Regular meetings and open lines of communication should be established to share information, discuss concerns and devise joint strategies.”

Commissioner Tembo wanted the service stations to adopt enhanced security systems and measures and install surveillance systems.

“My emphasis is on the adoption of enhanced security measures at all service stations,” he said. “It is time we consider employing fully armed, thoroughly-vetted and well-trained security guards from trusted companies. 

“Besides we recommend the installation of state-of-the-art surveillance systems, both within the premises and in the surrounding areas.” 

Service station owners should report promptly to the nearest police station and provide an accurate description of the perpetrators to aid in their swift apprehension.

Speaking at the same meeting, acting superintendent crime in CID homicide, Detective Chief Inspector Alexander Jachi, urged the station owners not to keep large sums of money at their workplace and do a background check on their workers.

This would guarantee, among other things, the preservation of an organisation’s reputation, the avoidance of criminal activity, and ensure the hiring of someone the station owners know.

“We urge all the business people like the commander has said not to keep large sums of money at stations,” he said. “Let us use the banks and other facilities.

“We also urge you to check the background of all employees that you take aboard at your work place. If you have the CV for an audit in the human resources office you look at which organisations the person worked for before, look at how they left those jobs.”

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