Inaugural technology and tax compliance workshop a success


The inaugural Technology and Tax Compliance Workshop held by E-works Technologies in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) on January 22, 2016, was a resounding success.

The workshop saw a large and diverse group of clients converging to attain the extremely sort out skill and knowledge on how to efficiently use the ZIMRA E-services Platform.

The workshop featured specialists from ZIMRA, consulting firms and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) companies that shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise with the audience.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn and get insight on all the major and minute aspects of the ZIMRA E-Services System.

“This was a very informative workshop I wish that E-works continues working with ZIMRA to bring us such workshops. It was an eye opener for me, I got to learn about a lot of things, not just the E-Services Platform, but also the numerous benefits of being tax compliant. I must add that I am also very impressed by the way E-works is complementing ZIMRA’s drive of tax compliance with their MYTaxMate android App, it’s a very novel idea,” said one elated client.

The workshop also saw the director of E-works providing a preview to a suite of Tax Compliance Fostering Android Applications packaged into one super app called MyTaxMate.

The App is an android mobile application developed by E-works Technologies to allow clients to easily manage their tax issues and at the same time remain tax compliant. MyTaxMate App has three modules namely a portal to the E-services Platform, Tax Payment Reminder and Calendar and a vehicle Import Duty Calculator module.

The portal functionality of MyTaxMate allows clients to access the ZIMRA E-Services System from their mobile phones, the system renders the E-services Platform into a portable, easy to navigate, user friendly, seamless and fluid interface suitable for mobile devices.

The MyTaxMate app does not interfere with the ZIMRA E-services Platform in anyway, it simple provides an effective and easy to use android version of the platform.

MyTaxMate, Tax Compliance Fostering App was not the only trick up the Director of E-works sleeves, the seminar also served as a pre-launch of E-works Technologies’ own range of mobile devices.

After a small pause during the presentation, a group of pop electro dancers burst onto they centre stage and mesmerised the audience with a set of well-choreographed moves. The dancers effortlessly changed from their formal attire into E-works Technologies t-shirts exposing E-works Technologies Pay off Line, Expand, Explore and Excel.

A pay off line also used for E-works’ own Tablet PC and smart phone brand called the EXLmobile, “the one device for all your tax payment needs”. The director of E-works then proceeded to explain that the EXLmobile range of smart devices will come pre-installed with the MyTaxMate Android App.

This makes the EXLMobileTablet PCs the first and only smart device in Zimbabwe that help people to be Tax Compliant.

A group of attendees, who made early registration and payment to attend the Technology and Tax Compliance workshop, walked away with the first set of EXLmobile Android Tablet PCs fully loaded with the MyTaxMate suite of Tax Compliance Fostering Apps.

The workshop was overly-subscribed and the E-works team realised that for them to reach out and educate everyone about this crucial and extremely important topic, they have to implement innovative and out of the box strategies.

For all the people that did not manage to attend E-works Technologies Technology and Tax Compliance Workshop, should find rest, E-works compiled a High Definition video documentary, of all the presentations, with step by step visual illustrations of the E-services Platform and the frequently asked questions about the system and how to go about the commonly met scenarios. The DVD documentary entitled Technology and Tax Compliance (Everything you need to know to get started with the ZIMRA E-Services Platform) is retailing at an extremely affordable price of $50 a copy.

 DVDs are available at E-works Technologies. Place your order: Suite 5 Mason House, Sam Nujoma and Selous Avenue Harare. Phone: +263 733 810 256, +263 772 366 816. Whatsapp: +263 775 865 768. Email:[email protected]

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