Yeukai Karengezeka Arts Correspondent
A collaborative exhibition of video and sound works dubbed “In Perpetual Motion” commences tomorrow at the First Floor Gallery. Being hosted by Darlington Muyengwa and Thomas Muziyirwa the exhibition is expected to draw huge numbers and will run until April 28.
Gallery marketing director Marcus Gora said the gallery aims to introduce something new in the arts industry to turn away from the usual style of exhibition.

“New media like video art does not have a high profile in Zimbabwe with most emerging contemporary artists still working squarely on traditional media like painting, printing, sculpture and mixed media,” he said.

Gora also said some artistes do not prefer this kind of art because it is expensive and difficult to handle.

“Most times video is seen as an expensive and difficult medium, requiring cameras, computers and training in editing software.

Video art can also be difficult to explain to audiences who are used to see and buy objects to put on their walls or stands,” he said.

Over the past 20 years, video has become a crucial part of visual art as artists try to create experiences that reflect powerfully contemporary reality and use contemporary tools to do so.

For Muyengwa and Muziyirwa there is no conflict between traditional and contemporary.

“The step towards video art came from this very desire to experiment and to link their painting and printing and sculpting practices with the exciting possibilities of video and sound.

“Together they build video and sound paintings as well as sculptures that capture our imaginations, express our desires and hopes and challenge us to see the world in a new way,” said Gora.

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