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In Kadoma, it’s all gloomy

14 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views

The Herald

Rimuka Stadium, and its outside grounds, have deteriorated so much they appear like rural pitches.

The nearby Rimuka sports centre, made up of tennis courts, netball pitch, basketball court and volleyball pitch have been destroyed beyond repair.

Robert Taylor Field is no more as council has allowed land barons on the schools soccer pitch on the Chakari/Sanyati road which was used by the town’s schools, John Kennedy, Jameson and Lady Tait. Cam and Motor Stadium is no more and nobody can believe it used to host Cup matches, as well as schools, and national athletics competitions.

Rimuka swimming pool is closed but the town pool needs maintenance.

The golf course is in dire need of attention, the same as those in Bulawayo, where council is selling stands on golf courses.

The problem is most of our town fathers never saw these facilities in use as they didn’t grow up in those areas. They don’t value sports arenas, all they see are jungles that must be turned into concrete jungles. A park, golf course, pool, stadium, kids’ playgrounds is just a waste of residential stands, as far as they are concerned.

Youngsters must aspire for council if we are to reverse the trend.

Concerned Herald Reader Kadoma

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