I’m still special: Nyamhute

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do not know where Calisto is, but frankly speaking, they have never looked for me.
“I want my fans to know that I am still alive and healthy,” said Nyamhute, brandishing a set of car keys.
The “Special Meat” hitmaker, who has his unique way of bling, through his flashy clothes, now operates a range of businesses at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza.
“I no longer concentrate on music alone. I have a family business that specialises in manufacturing electric gates, window frames, gas filling, tyre treading and flea markets,” Nyamhute said.
The musician could only remember that his last show was at Mverechena Hotel in Domboshava, but does not have the faintest clue, what year it was.
Some of the shows that he last staged were marred by poor attendance with one reportedly attracting only two people.
He said his 2009 album, “Chimoko Chinoyera”, did not do well prompting him to take a three-year sabbatical
“When you produce something and people do not receive it with both hands, you do some soul searching and that’s what I have been doing,” he said.
The father of five said he had confidence in his latest album, “Oil Oil” which he said will propel him back into the limelight.
“Since I spend most of my time working on cars at my workshop, I have since realised that oil is very important in cars, so in this album I would be referring to a girl as my oil. You lubricate and sooth my heart,” explained Nyamhute.
Nyamhute (37) is a talented vocalist, lead guitarist, who fronts a band called Sober Music Express.
He took the music charts by storm in 1998, when he released his first album, “Ndakamupfimba Ndega”.
In the same year, he released another album titled “Before Lunch Time.”
His third album, “Sweetman” — a six-track project — was to follow the same year.
Barely a year after later, Nyamhute went on to release yet another album, “Special Meat”, which changed his waning fortunes and propelled him to stardom. A series of other albums followed but none of them as good as “Special Meat”.

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