“I’m not selling properties; I’m selling hope,” —  Ken Sharpe Mr Ken Sharpe

Herald Correspondent

In recent years, Zimbabwe’s real estate industry has undergone a transformation, and at the heart of this change is Westprop, a company led by Ken Sharpe.

Mr Sharpe’s commitment to the country’s development goes beyond constructing luxurious properties; he is selling hope for a brighter future.

One of the most notable instances of Westprop’s impact on Zimbabwe’s cultural landscape was its role as a headline sponsor for Miss Universe Zimbabwe.

This marked Zimbabwe’s return to the global stage of the pageant after a 22-year absence due to political challenges.

Among many other offerings, the company provided two years of free accommodation to the winner of Miss Universe Zimbabwe in one of their plush properties in Harare.

Mr. Sharpe, in his opening remarks, encapsulated the essence of his mission. He related a conversation with his wife, highlighting the age-old debate between beauty and brains conquering the world.

However, he arrived at a profound realisation: it’s love that truly has the power to conquer the world.

“When I met my wife, she said to me that beauty will conquer the world. And then I met her other half because she’s from an identical twin sister, from the same egg; they look identical. And her sister said, ‘No, my sister is wrong,'” narrated Mr Sharpe as he welcomed the guests.

“Brains and intelligence will conquer the world. But as I lived with her and realized how much of a good person she is, her heart, her love for the people, is really what she’s all about.

“And that’s why I have come to the conclusion that it’s actually love that will conquer the world.”

This perspective resonates deeply with Westprop’s approach to real estate development. As Zimbabwe’s economy revives and the demand for affluent properties increases, Mr Sharpe looks beyond bricks and mortar.

He envisions the potential for his company to contribute to something greater — the development of the nation itself. He views his work as a manifestation of love for Zimbabwe and its people.

While Mr. Sharpe’s role as a property developer involves investing billions of dollars into the ground and changing the skyline of Harare, his mission transcends real estate transactions.

He sees himself as a purveyor of hope.

“I’m not actually selling properties,” Mr Sharpe asserts. “I’m selling something that’s much more valuable. I’m selling hope. Hope in our nation of Zimbabwe, hope for a brighter future.”

This perspective underscores his belief that no matter the challenges a nation faces, hope is a powerful force that can inspire progress.

As Zimbabwe continues on its journey of economic and social rejuvenation, Ken Sharpe’s vision serves as a testament to the transformative power of love, hope, and an unwavering belief in the potential of a nation and its people.

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