I’m God’s ‘chosen one’

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I’m God’s ‘chosen one’ Prophet Talent Madungwe reads through readers’ comments in the newspaper during the interview

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Prophet Talent Madungwe reads through readers’ comments in the newspaper during the interview

Prophet Talent Madungwe reads through readers’ comments in the newspaper during the interview

Sydney Kawadza: Senior Features Writer
All kinds of derogatory terms and brickbats have been hurled at Prophet Talent Madungwe. He has announced God’s visit to Zimbabwe. Prophet Madungwe, a 30-year-old unassuming young man, stands by his word. While some say he is crazy, his character has gone beyond bizarre and even controversy.

His claims even more bewildering as he says he has met God, not once but three times. Prophet Madungwe’s prophecies have gone beyond God’s visit, they include the supper he claims he had with the Almighty.

He has been called names, some have even dismissed him as deranged, but Prophet Talent Madungwe sticks to his word; he has met God, he had braai with God, he scheduled for a third visit to Heaven.

“It is only by the grace of God that I am the one chosen to receive the honour of meeting God and like what happened when Mary was going to give birth to Jesus no one would believe but she had been chosen,” he said in an interview yesterday.

A very confident man in speech and character, there could be flaws and inconsistences in his story but Prophet Madungwe believes he is the “chosen one”.

Born on June 18, 1986, Prophet Madungwe believes his calling does not need the kind of media blitz his word has attracted.

“I was born in Shurugwi and that is where I grew up. People who saw me growing up, even those at Kanwa Primary School, know that I am not a talkative person. “My spiritual calling comes from my spiritual father Daniel and my work is inspired by his writing especially in Chapter 7 of his book,” he said.

Prophet Madungwe says his calling was from a very young age.

“I grew up in the Apostolic Faith Mission where I was preaching even when I was still very young. I stopped going to church in 2010 and was wandering around for two years before I received my calling,” he said.

Prophet Madungwe’s first “encounter” with God was in 2012.

“God first visited me in a dream and then a vision. Since then I have regularly had angelic visitations. “These visits led to my finding of my ministry and calling as I was anointed as a prophet during the first visits. “I also got the church’s name from these visits.”

He leads the Exile Desire for All Ministries in Sunningdale.

“People are saying I announced God’s visit because I want to lure people to my church but it’s not true. “I lead a very small congregation. I am very comfortable with the small congregation. I do not want to increase it because too many people will give me headaches. “What I am just trying to do is to give people the message of God during his visits.”

He insists that his message is simple – Jesus is coming soon. For a man who is not comfortable with sharing his life with strangers, Prophet Madungwe will likely remain mysterious through his word.

“Unfortunately, the only place I would open up to you is at church where we meet every Sunday. “I cannot show you the place where I live because I would cause chaos at someone’s house when they are not involved in this,” he said.

There are things that are personal, he said, adding that his calling has caused friction in his family.

“I am from a big family, about 10 boys and I am the first born. I also have lots of sisters but I want to protect my family from the chaos that would follow them when I talk about them,” he said.

Prophet Madungwe leads a life of prayer and ministry.

“I wake up early in the morning and go into a prayer session lasting two to three hours. After that I start interacting and visiting my church members around the city,” he said.

For Prophet Madungwe, some issues are personal, so he would not open up further.

An unknown person who jumped into the spotlight when our sister paper Kwayedza carried his story of God’s visit to Zimbabwe, Prophet Madungwe insists no one will ever understand him.

“When I first had an encounter with God I was told that Zimbabwe would experience a lot of miracles. “This is also coming through my spiritual father, Daniel of the Old Testament.

“Like my father Daniel, who saw God sitting on His throne in Heaven according to his writings in the Bible, I am also seeing God as the chosen person. “Stephen also saw God with Jesus sitting on his right so that is where the Grace of God came from. “Daniel was a man whom God so loved to interact with him but he left the world without completing his work.”

This, Prophet Madungwe believes, is where he comes in, to finish what Daniel, his “spiritual father”, could not complete.

“Although John the Revelator did his part I am going to complete it now. “It’s the Grace that was bestowed on Daniel and John that is also on me. “So my Grace comes from my spiritual father, Daniel – like father, like son – I am also very controversial.”

He said like the book of Daniel, it is very difficult to understand him.

“People have struggled to understand the Book of Daniel so no one can interpret what I have gone through,” he said.

If people cannot interpret the Book of Daniel, he says, there is no way they can understand him. If claims that Prophet Madungwe has met God for dinner are anything but controversial then his trip to Heaven, should be something else.

“I have been to Heaven and I saw that everything has changed because the world is ending soon. “I was in Heaven on January 1 this year and my second visit to Heaven was on June 4 and I have another booking to enter Heaven for the third time before the end of the year,” he said.

“When I went to Heaven I transformed into a spiritual form so I could disappear on Earth and appear in Heaven.

“These are no illusions. Even when Jesus died, his body transformed into a spirit and that is how he could appear and disappear and go through walls. “That body is special and my body goes through the same transformation.”

Prophet Madungwe denied that he said God would descend on the Harare Kopje.

“We were given a 90-day period when God would visit and he visited Zimbabwe three times during that period. “The first time was on the day of the solar eclipse and that is when I met him on the Kopje. “God also visited on September 1 and the third time I was on top of a prayer mountain in Domboshava.”

He said people misunderstood him when he was on radio.

“I actually said God had been on the Kopje and I said I would announce his next visit and venue on October 18 or 19 and he did come for supper on October 19 around 9:30pm. “I did not say he was coming to the Kopje but I heard people waited for him at the Kopje.”  “People misinterpreted the message I gave on radio because I said God had already been to the Kopje.”

Prophet Madungwe said his prophecy did not say everyone would see God.

“People thought God would be seen by everyone, but he was here to see the prophet. “Even in the Bible, Moses would go up the mountain to meet God,” he said.

God appeared in the form of a man, Prophet Madungwe said.

“People say God is a spirit but when He visited he was in the form of a man. Remember it is written that God said ‘Let’s create man in our image’, so God is a man.

“Like Jesus went to Heaven in the form of a man not spirit but a man, if he went as a man it shows that there are people in Heaven.”

He said God’s image is, however, superior to that of the ordinary man.

“God and the angels are in a more advanced form. God is a spirit that one can go to Heaven but fail to see him. “When he comes only those chosen to Him can see God and not the ordinary people,” he said.

But why Zimbabwe of all nations?

“Zimbabwe is now the beloved nation. It is now the Holy Land for the Gentiles. “When we look at how God works, Zimbabwe has been chosen as it happened in America, Israel, for God moves in seasons, so He has chosen us,” he said.

Prophet Madungwe said Zimbabwe was chosen as what happened to England when churches like the Anglican were born in that country.

“It was their time, it happened even in Nigeria, but now it is our time,” he said.

Prophet Madungwe believes people would never believe him in any way.

“I am like the presidential spokesperson. He spends time with the president and tells the people his message. “Prophets are God’s spokespersons. I am connected to Heaven and angels are always lining up next to me when I am praying because I am the chosen one,” he said.

People are being told things they would not understand until God comes, he said. Prophet Madungwe also dismissed his colleagues who have denigrated him.

“These are people who have not gone through what I have experienced.  “This they can only interpret when God decides to visit them or they should wait for Daniel to understand the kind of life I live,” he said.

Zimbabwe has seen a number of prophets with their own kind of miracles and declarations. Is Prophet Madungwe yet but another bluff, only God knows. Like a pen in the hands of the Almighty God, we are part of a complicated story.

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