IIZ set to unveil new curriculum Mr Karonga
Mr Karonga

Mr Karonga

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The Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe (IIZ) is set to unveil a new curriculum that responds to the changing needs of the industry.

The vice chairperson of the Institute’s academic board Mr Agripah Marangwanda told guests and graduates at the IIZ graduation ceremony last week that the new curriculum will be in line with current trends.

“The institute is working with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Developments on the finalisation of the accreditation of the new curriculum and its launch will be communicated to the industry in the not too distant future.

“We are thrilled to have come this far with the development of this curriculum which is current and geared to adequately meet the needs of both the life and non-life business.

“The institute through the Academic Committee continues to make the pledge on the IIZ commitment to deliver the most relevant and most current professional qualifications for the insurance sector,” he said.

Mr Marangwanda said the new curriculum will result in changes to the structure of qualifications that the institute offers.

The institute is offering certificates of proficiency in long-term business, short-term business, retirement fund trusteeship, diploma in insurance and associateship in insurance.

IIZ president Dr Gomba said that the institute would continue to respond to the changing needs of the industry.

“Our new curriculum is one of the good ways of showing our commitment to the industry and we pledge to continue to be relevant and to meet our mandate as IIZ,” he said.

The commissioner of the Insurance and Pension Commission Mr Tendai Karonga commended the institute for being proactive to the changing needs of the industry through the introduction of relevant programmes such as the Certificate of Proficiency in Retirement Fund Trusteeship, which saw 159 students drawn from pension funds of different companies being the first graduates.

The course is aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of trustees in the pension industry.

“It is evident that the IIZ is responding to the needs of the industry by introducing relevant courses for the benefit of our stakeholders.

“Raising professional standards of the insurance industry is at the heart of IPEC,” he said.

He challenged the institute to pursue synergies with other organisations such as the Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe and the Institute of Chartered Accountants to ensure they also produce professionals with a deep understanding of insurance issues.

He also urged the institute to explore the possibility of exchange programmes with international colleges and universities that have a bias towards insurance training.

Mr Karonga challenges the graduates to contribute positively to the growth of the sector by utilizing the knowledge they have acquired and to continue furthering their studies.

Meanwhile, a total of 137 graduates received Certificates of Precedency, 8 diplomas and 5 Associateships.

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