The ceremony was held in Borrowdale, Harare. During the same cremony students who passed the Zimbabwe Certificate of Theory in Accounting Examinations  also received their certificates.

Addressing the delegates at the awards ceremony, ICAZ president Mr Walter Mupanguri underscored the significance of chartered accountants towards the sustainable growth and development of the domestic economy.

“As you are aware, chartered accountants are of much significance to the well-being of any economy.
“Therefore, we have a role to play towards national development and economic recovery of (Zimbabwe’s economy),” said Mr Mupanguri.

He said that chartered accountants were part of the equation towards the success of Zimbabwe’s economic turnaround efforts, the upholding of professional ethics and corporate governance issues in organisations.

He urged the qualified and aspiring chartered accountants to respect values and ethics of the accountancy profession, as this was important for the upholding of the profession and everything that is associated with it.

Chartered accounting is a reputable qualification that is internationally recognised. Qualifying as chartered accountant comes with a lot of weight and magnanimous reverence, Mr Mupanguri told graduates.

“It (profession) also comes with a lot of responsibilities and this means that members of the institute are expected to tread the moral high ground and be exemplary citizens in their professional and social conduct,” he said.

ICAZ exam board chairman Mr Bryan Thorn expressed optimism with the ICAZ standards and the examination structure.
“The ZCTA and qualifying levels have met the required standards because the ZCTA is fitting in with the South African Unisa programme and ICAZ is working well with the examination body in South Africa,” he said

These symbiotic relations are meant to ensure an appropriate level of quality examinations acceptable to the international chartered accountancy community so that would continuously be recognised outside Zimbabwe. Mr Thorn also applauded candidates who were training outside public practice (TOPP).
Students study for their examinations alongside the practical training, while serving articles of clerkship with an accounting firm or a company accredited as a training office by ICAZ.

Those who begin training without a relevant accounting degree, study by correspondence for a Bachelor of Computing degree from the University of South Africa before sitting for the Zimbabwe Certificate of Theory in Accounting (CTA).
Those who wish to train as auditors train inside public practice (TIPP) with an auditing firm, while those who do not wish to be auditors can train outside public practice (TOPP) with an accredited training company.

The students all write the same ZCTA and qualifying examination Part One papers.
After passing Part One, the TIPP students specialise in auditing and sit for the Public Practice Examination while the TOPP students specialise in financial management and sit for the qualifying examination Part Two.

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