‘I want Jah Prayzah to take me abroad’

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‘I want Jah Prayzah to take me abroad’ Andy Muridzo

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Jah Prayzah Andy Muridzo

Jah Prayzah Andy Muridzo

Godwin Muzari Arts Editor
Andy Muridzo says he joined Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement with an aim of penetrating the regional market, since he appreciates collaborations that his mentor has done with other popular names on the continent.Jah Prayzah has collaborated with Charma Girl from Botswana and Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania while another duet with Mafikizolo was recently completed in South Africa.

Although there were mixed feelings over Muridzo’s move to join Jah Prayzah’s company when the two seem to be in head-on competition, the former says he wants MTM to take him to fans beyond the country’s borders.

Muridzo says he is learning from Jah Prayzah’s experience and soon he will be able to test regional waters on his own.

The two have also forged an alliance that has seen them doing joint shows at various venues.

On Saturday they share the stage at Spillway Pub and Restaurant at a family event that is expected to excite fun lovers since the two have never performed at the venue before.

“I have a bigger picture. People did not understand why I joined MTM, but this is my way of breaking onto the international market.

“Very soon we are going to Tanzania to work with artistes under Diamond Platnumz’s stable and that is an important step for me,” he said.

“At the moment we are holding joint shows with Jah Prayzah to combine our forces.

“The show at Spillway on Saturday should be explosive because the venue is good for family outing and many people have been asking us to go and perform at a resort where we can serenade people in a relaxed environment.”

Muridzo said his new album “Tichambotenderera” has a mixture of beats because of his bigger picture of going international.

“I am learning from Jah Prayzah as we travel and perform together. He is linking me to other African musicians and collaborations might be our way of taking music beyond our borders. There is also a plan for me to collaborate with a Nigerian musician. We can have a good fan base at home, but I believe international success comes when you start looking beyond the local crowd.

“I will maintain my beat and I will also try to go beyond territory that I have been in since I released my first album. I believe it is possible. I believe MTM will be a stepping stone to international endeavours. It is a clear deal and it is every musician’s wish to be known outside the country. All musicians that have made it internationally looked beyond their countries and today we look at them because they are international stars.

“People might have their different views about my move, but I hope they will understand it when our regional offensive takes off.

“It might work, it might not, but it is always good to start moving. You cannot complain about failing to penetrate the international market when you have not tried it.

“That was the main reason I joined MTM. I want to go regional.”

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