I am sorry, says Mark Ngwazi Mark Ngwazi

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

There has been an outburst from music fans over the nomination list of the Zimbabwe Music Awards, with many questioning the absence of names like Mark Ngwazi, Jah Prayzah, Winky D and Alick Macheso, whom they feel did well in 2020.

Some fans took their anger to social media to blast the organisers of the show and said it was a ride in the park, a circus and a complete joke.

They queried why sungura man of the moment, Mark Ngwazi, was omitted despite ruling the last quarter of 2020.

Some even pestered the artiste by calling and sending messages to him demanding to know if he was put under the bus by the nomination committee.

For a start, for one to be nominated according to the Zima team, he or she has to submit their work of a certain period.

But it also takes the verification committee to check with artistes, helping them understand the nomination process.

The Mark Ngwazi saga falls within the category where the musician did well in 2020, but did not submit his works.

In an interview, he said he was overwhelmed with what has been going on for the past 72 hours pertaining to the awards nomination list.

“I do not know where to begin,” said Ngwazi. “I have been having a series of calls from different people from all corners, asking me what had happened for my name to be missing.

“I did not submit an entry because I had released my single on November 25, but thought it was too late. I know all the processes at Zima, but on this one, it slipped me. I apologise to my fans over that.”

The leader of Njanja Express group said his fans should respect those who made it to the Zima awards list.

“I saw the list and we should accept it,” said Ngwazi. “Our job as musicians is to entertain and sing. It is for the judges to come up with the nominations list. They know their job.

“I wish all the best to all the nominees.”

Ngwazi, who topped radio charts last year with his popular song “Taurai Madzoka”, said his fans should not worry as he was set to drop visuals for “Chamugwegwedu-Chamatindike” as a Valentine present.

“Due to public demand, I have decided to give them a new video of “Chamugwegwedu-Chamatindike” which will be released before Valentine’s Day,” he said. “That will be their present. I will be also dropping an album soon this year.”

Ngwazi has dedicated 2021 to engaging in collaborations.

“I want to do more collaborations this year,” he said. “I have another one already in the pipeline which includes an Indian guy. I can’t share details now.”

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