Hwedza community hails development Hwedza - Marondera highway

Takawira Dapi

Herald Correspondent

Hwedza District has benefited significantly from the major infrastructural development spearheaded by President Mnangagwa, with the expertly constructed Hwedza-Marondera Highway expected to boost trade in the area.

Hwedza Rural District Council chief executive officer Mr Freddy Jongwe said several infrastructural development projects had been implemented in the area.

“As a council, we really appreciate the infrastructural developments that have been done by the Government,” said Mr Jongwe.

“For example, the best highway in Zimbabwe from Hwedza to Marondera that was done during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns is a game-changer for Hwedza’s industrialisation and rural development.

“Communities around the highway are using it as a magnet for massive investments and already people are scrambling for both residential and commercial stands at Hwedza Growth Point.”

Hwedza RDC CEO Jongwe salutes the New Compensation Government for its infrastructures like roads etc

Mr Jongwe said in line with the Government’s mantra, “Zimbabwe is open for business”, they were encouraging serious small to medium and large business investors to consider taking up opportunities in Hwedza.

There are opportunities in mining, agriculture and tourism, among other sectors, in the district.

The major highlight in the district in tourism is the Hwedza-Makurumure Falls.

Already, some investors have constructed lodges and conference rooms in the area, creating a tourism resort.

Said Mr Jongwe: “With the kind of attraction we are getting as a district from investors, as council we urge our residents to quickly finish constructing their houses and other infrastructure to give the place a fresh look.

“So, to complement the Government’s thrust on housing, we expect people to start building once they get offer letters. We have a strict policy on the repossession of undeveloped stands within a prescribed time.”

Farmers in and around Hwedza are investing in land once they sell their crops.

Hwedza-Makurumure Falls

In sync with the value addition thrust that the Government has embarked upon, and is encouraging, Hwedza RDC is pushing to have a wild fruit processing plant, especially for mazhanje fruits.

There are many fruit trees in the district and at their peak, the bulk of the fruits just rot, while a few of them are sold as fresh fruits.

Once such a plant has been set up, which would be in the mould of the Mapfura/Amarula Value Addition and Beneficiation Plant in Mwenezi, locals can raise extra income through picking and selling the fruits to the plant.

There will also be employment creation.

Such a development is expected to create more job opportunities for the people.

Mr Jongwe said Hwedza was considering a large solar power station to electrify the district.

“This is the only way to stop these present water cuts due to load shedding,” he said.

“So, we have already engaged investors who said they are coming for an assessment on the viability of this project. We are leaving no stone unturned in making Hwedza the destination of choice.

“We are always ready to facilitate any investment unconditionally to develop the area as we move towards the attainment of Vision 2030 of an upper middle income society.”

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