Hwedza celebrates new Government Complex

28 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
Hwedza celebrates new Government Complex The new Hwedza District Government Complex is almost complete. —Picture: Victor Maphosa.

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Victor MaphosaMashonaland East Bureau

The new Government Complex in Hwedza is now 98 percent complete, and with the parallel construction of the Civil Registry district office also nearing completion, people in the district will by March be able to obtain civil documents, including passports, a great deal more easily and see higher efficiency in other services.

The complex will house all the district offices of Government departments which are at the moment scattered across Hwedza Centre.

In terms of the district Civil Registry offices, the structure is almost complete except for ablution facilities, which the contractor is working on.

Last Friday, the director for Flagship Infrastructural Programmes and Projects in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Mr George Madzimure, toured a number of high impact projects that the Government has embarked upon in Mashonaland East, and expressed satisfaction with overall progress.

“There is a lot of progress on the construction of the Government composite block and the Registrar General’s offices here in Hwedza,” said Mr Madzimure. 

“Government is doing all it can to make sure people access basic services closer to them, especially in the rural areas. People in Hwedza will soon access passports nearby and I want to commend the Second Republic for making sure that important projects that had been stalled are being completed.”

Hwedza district public works officer Mr Morgan Mapfanya said the Government Complex was almost complete.

“We expect to complete this whole project in March next year. As of now, we are working on the precast wall which we expect to complete next month,” said Mr Mapfanya. 

“Outstanding are civil works; we are also to do signage this coming week. Currently we have data installation that is being done by a contractor.

“As of the Civil Registry office, the project is also almost complete. What is left is the strong room, sewage drainage and ablution block. Otherwise the main block is finished. Also by March next year, the offices will be commissioned.”

District Development Coordinator for Hwedza, Mr Kenneth Shumba, commended the Second Republic for development projects in Hwedza district, and for improving the working environment of Government employees. 

“In terms of office space, we will soon be working under conducive environments as civil servants. We thank Government under President Mnangagwa for this development. 

“We also have people across Hwedza district who are travelling long distances to Harare or Marondera for passports. Now, that will soon be history because Government will complete the construction of Civil Registry offices in Hwedza. 

“This is commendable. The community will access these services close by.”

Mr Michael Chipangaushe of Hwedza Centre was excited by the development projects taking place in the area.

“I was born here in Hwedza and I am happy to see development coming. Soon we will be obtaining passports nearby. 

“People from Hwedza travel to Harare or Marondera for passports where they will wait for long hours and some of them end up returning here empty-handed. 

“Now these important offices will be near us. We thank Government for this,” said Mr Chipangaushe.

Ms Loice Matunga, also of Hwedza, commended the Government for bringing services closer to the people.

“We welcome this development in Hwedza. Besides having services nearby, employment has been created because of these projects, and to the Government, we say continue developing our district and Zimbabwe as a whole.”

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