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HSB calls on retired professionals

30 Apr, 2020 - 00:04 0 Views
HSB calls on retired professionals

The Herald

Health Reporter
Retired health professionals interested in re-joining the public health sector, including local authority facilities designated for Covid-19 response, should register with the Health Services Board (HSB) for possible placement.

Other non-medical professionals who registered before 2018 should also renew their registration with the HSB’s recruitment database, failure of which would be deemed to be a renounciation of their registration.

The development has been necessitated by anticipation of increased burden of care owing to Covid-19.

In a statement yesterday, HSB deputy director public relations Ms Tryphine Dzvukutu said creation of databases for both processes were underway.

“The Board is in the process of creating a recruitment database of the retired health professionals,” she said. “It also notes that there are health professionals who registered onto the HSB recruitment database over the years.

“An exercise is being carried out by the board to determine the quantum of the members who are still interested in joining the health service.”

Following unfreezing of health workers’ posts by Government, 2 306 posts have been filled while recruitment of the remaining 1 407 workers for the 3 713 availed positions is still underway.

Recruited professionals included port health officers and technicians, environmental health technicians, nurses and nurse aides, doctors, pharmacy staff and laboratory staff.

“Appointments into these positions were done through direct deployments from the database kept at the HSB, while some categories were appointed through regrading interviews,” said Ms Dzvukutu.

“Interviews and some deployments for the outstanding positions are underway and due to be completed before end of May 2020.”

Despite the lockdown, the HSB remained at work including during weekends and public holidays to ensure enough health workers were available urgently.

“The HSB is making concerted efforts to ensure that the required health workforce is available at the right place, right time and right quantity,” said Ms Dzvukutu.

Many Zimbabweans seek treatment from public health institutions, but the health sector is facing numerous challenges which include a shortage of skilled professionals.

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