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They also have plans to establish a relationship between the club and Bayern Munich.
The city fathers believe their side should stamp its authority on the local football scene just like other successful and well established council teams, such as Kampala City of Uganda, have done on the continent.

The club, which would be featuring in the top-flight for the second year after finishing ninth in their maiden season, have shown early signs that they now mean business and ready to challenge for the league title.

And they have gone on to acquire a dozen new players with former Dynamos defender David Kutyauripo and Monomotapa striker Osborne Mukuradare headlining that long list.
Harare City, who are among the few financially stable clubs on a football landscape which is bleeding from lack of funding, were really active on the market where they acquired some seasoned and youthful players to complement last year’s squad.

Yesterday they unveiled former Monomotapa midfielder Tendai Ngulube; former Dynamos striker Martin Vengesayi; ex-Buffaloes midfielder Phineas Bamusi; William Manondo, formerly with FC Platinum; James Jamu from Motor Action; former Quelaton defender Sibusiso Sibanda; ex-Gunners midfielder James Madora; former DStv midfielder Witness Savanhu; former CAPS United goalkeeper Muzondiwa Gonese and Leeroy Saungweme, who was unattached last season.

They also got the signature of former Njube Sundowns striker Peter Ngwenya, whose last stint was with Namibian side Eleven Arrows before he was signed by Dynamos in the second half last year but failed to get his reverse clearance from Namibia.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Harare City Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda, who is also the club patron, said they will do everything to see that the football team is well catered for.

“Our presence at this function underlines the importance we are giving to the Harare City Football Club,” said Masunda.
“l would like to thank the coach Bigboy Mawiwi, our coaches, and the executive committee led by Leslie Tafadzwa Gwindi for all the hard work that they did last year.

“The fact that we had the highest number of draws, and those matches could have easily gone our way and in that event we would have finished second to Dynamos.
“So that was a very commendable effort on the part of all the players who were with us last year.

“It is against that background that we welcome the latest acquisitions who have been introduced to us.”
Masunda said the players were a key part of their machinery.

“The players are the most valuable assets that we have, so we need to make sure that we do everything possible to make it possible for them to do what they do best and what they do best is on the soccer pitch and not off the pitch,” said Masunda.

“The welfare of players is paramount, these players have a very small window of opportunities, injury free that window of opportunity could last up to ten years, while some of their careers may be cut short due to injuries.

“So we need to make sure that they maximise the opportunities they have from the tender ages of 18 and 19. So it is important that we put all the things in place that make it possible for them to do the best.”

Masunda said their club was going to utilise some of the opportunities they often get, as the custodians of the capital city, and one such initiative was their partnership with the City of Munich of Germany which should pave way to strong links with the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.
He revealed that the Mayor of Munich, who is also the club president of Bayern, would be visiting the country next month and would also get an opportunity to see the team in action as talks are underway to have exchange programmes with Bayern Munich.

He said it was a pity that long established clubs such as the Harare giants Dynamos and CAPS United were failing to realise their full potential by working with the council, which had offered them long leases to adopt Rufaro and Gwanzura.

“We have in the past months that we have been in the office extended olive branches to some of the long established football clubs in the City, mainly Dynamos Football Club and CAPS United Football Club, in the hope that some of the leaders in those teams would take up that opportunity that we gave them,” said Masunda.

“That opportunity — in simple terms — would have meant that in the case of Dynamos they would have taken over the administration of Rufaro Stadium and CAPS United, Gwanzura, which is the most natural home for them because over the years it has proved to be their catchment area.
“But because of the chaotic manner in which those two clubs are run, it would be folly on our part as local authorities and owners of those facilities to continue hoping that they will heed our call and take up that offer.
“As the City of Harare we are arguably the second largest business enterprise in this country, so it makes a lot of sense for us to be seen promoting this noble venture, not only are we making a statement to the stakeholders in Harare but also giving an opportunity to these young athletes to realise the God-given talent they have.
“We need to make sure the system remains robust whether I am still the mayor of Harare or not.”

Speaking at the same event, Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Chiroto said when he went to Munich he also met with former Zimbabwe international George Mbwando, who is now into coaching and soccer academies, and discussed a lot of issues pertaining to development of junior football.

Club chairman, Gwindi, said they have an advantage to fully implement the junior programme as they own most of the facilities and even some primary schools around Harare, which will make it easy to groom young players for the club.
Harare City coach Bigboy Mawiwi said the onus was now on the team to deliver when the season starts next week.

“We have a strong side on paper and what we will need is to work together with a strong unity of purpose,” said Mawiwi.
“So far so good, we have been working hard for the past eight weeks.

“Everyone wants to win the championship and we are no exception.

“We are ready to fight and we have the best platform to express ourselves, we have all the support we would want.”
Harare Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi said the football club was the best tool to market the Harare City brand.

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