How to Slide into 2016


As most people look back into 2015, they wonder how they made it through to the end. This should however not be a barrier to your dreams of brighter days in 2016.

The few following tips will help you prepare well for the New Year and better yet, have fun and still be able to navigate your way through.

Look back and reflect on 2015

What had you sought to achieve. What did you accomplish, or fail to realise. What did you do right, or do wrong. Ask yourself the right questions, and give honest answers. Then, what are you going to do about it. What’s the plan?

Write down your goals for 2016 and make them clear

You probably hear this every time, but think to yourself “what’s the point?” Well the point is the more you see your goals (in writing and pictures), the more you ignite the desire for accomplishment. Just try it! But a word of caution, Only set goals that you are willing and determined to focus all your time and resources towards their accomplishment, otherwise it will be a futile exercise

Get a supervisor

Your friend, roommate or spouse can help you stick to set goals by constantly reminding and motivating you towards their accomplishment. They can also help monitor your spending.

Celebrate the New Year

The most important thing is to be with the people you cherish and have a good time together.

Whilst you are at it all, don’t forget to capture every moment. To help you with that, you can use the new Slide Note from Astro Mobile, which comes with an amazing 13 Megapixel back flashing camera and 5 Megapixel front one, which is powered with a front camera flash for those perfect selfies in the evening.

This amazing full metal body device with a Corning Gorilla (3rd Generation) 5.5” screen and comes with a Smart Watch, can enhance your day in so many ways.

Because there are so many people at the celebrations, you do not have to worry about them snooping in your phone, as it comes with a fingerprint security feature that can never be cracked.

You will not need to worry about the remote for the radio going missing, because the Slide Note has infrared remote capabilities that enable you to connect all the devices in the house to your phone and be able to use it as a central remote.

When you are eating that delicious cake or washing the dishes and your phone rings, you do not need to touch your phone with those messy hands to answer it. Thanks to air gestures, you can simply wave your hand over the screen to the left or right, to reject or answer the call.

On the 2nd of January, remember to shake off the calories with the Pedometer as you exercise, and measure calorie loss, the number of steps and running speed.

You can use your smart watch for this purpose, even for answering phone calls.

With the Heart Rate monitor, you can also measure your blood pressure. Now the BP levels should never be a surprise. A stitch in time saves nine!

So this New Year’s Day, be merry, play some good music on your Astro Slide Note and Slide into 2016 in style.

A Happy New Year from the Astro Mobile Family. – #myworldmyrules #mysliderocks

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