How to make money via your website Pearson Pfavayi of Zimhost.
Pearson Pfavayi of Zimhost.

Pearson Pfavayi of Zimhost.

Google is underused. For the most part, there are over hundreds of Google products and services people are unfamiliar with.

Efficient use of some of these services will result in real income for your business. From an investment of as little as one dollar, you can earn minimum six dollars a day from your website. And here’s how.

Online ads are the ‘go-to-place’ for making income these days, and far from contemporary opinions, anyone can do it. This is called PAY PER CLICK through Google adsense.

There are numerous services that enable people to place ads online; however, for the purpose of this article, we shall be focusing on being a Google publisher, Google Adsense and Google adwords.

When you want to make money via Google you need to open a Google adsense account and its completely free. You just need to have a gmail account. Google AdSense allows publishers (website owners like you) to place adverts on their website(s) or blog(s).

The registration process for Google AdSense is free, and takes no more than five minutes to complete. As a publisher of your website or blog, you decide where the adverts are going to be displayed on your site.

You have the leeway to place adverts of different forms; including displaying ads (banner, rich media etc) and text-based ads. Google automatically delivers ads that are targeted to your content or audience on the locations/ spaces you have created.

You can even specify country specific or website specific adverts to appear on your site eg. one might be running a local academic site and only wants Google to deliver adverts from UK, USA and Canada only which might potentially be advertising university enrolments opportunities. Once the ads are placed, you’re more than ready to start earn money!

Revenues are based on the Cost Per Click process, that is, once an ad is clicked by a viewer, the money that was placed as budget for that ad (through Google AdWords by advertisers) is split between you and AdSense. This is a varying amount. The more clicks your ads get, the more profitable you become. Hence, it is important to place ads on your site in areas where users click the most or on pages that get visited the most.

This can be before a post, next to a header or menu page or adjacent a breaking news story. The higher the ad budget is set via Google AdWords, the more frequent its appearances on sites and search results.

A well designed and structured website or blog, in turn, aids in increasing funds as this drives tremendous traffic and ensures high CPC rates. ZimHost Webdesigners, voted the Best Innovative Company at the Ministry of ICT Awards and Zimbabwe Business Award 2015 and fourteen time award winning company, is equipped with the best technical service to drive and maintain traffic.

We can analyse your website and redesign it in such a way as to create the advert slots for Google to be able to automatically place the PAY PER CLICK adverts for you to earn money. The process would involve opening a Google adsense account for you, generating the adverts slots of varying sizes ie vertical ads, horizontal ads, square ads etc which can seamlessly be placed on the website side columns, along the top / bottom horizontally or within articles respectively.

Get Started. Get our $50 startup package which can include the adsense integration at an additional cost of only $40 and you up and running. Our team implements quality designs and web extensions, which attract viewers and maximises your profits by promoting a high advert click rate.

Start earning real income online. Choose quality websites. Choose ZimHost Webdesigners.

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