How to decorate your bedroom

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How to decorate your bedroom

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Bedroom wall decor is an important yet underrated part of bedroom design.

The walls are an expansive part of the room so the way you choose to decorate them can not just have a huge impact on the way the bedroom looks but also the mood it evokes.

For most, the key consideration when it comes to bedroom ideas is that it’s comfortable and restful, and there are a number of ways that can be achieved, whether it is through paint, wallpaper, unique artwork or paneling.

But regardless of your choice, there is another key factor to bear in mind – colour.

Like cloakrooms, the bedroom is the ideal space to experiment with wall decor.

It’s a private space that rarely sees the presence of guests, so where better to decorate with abandon and inject some individual flair into your scheme.

Here are bedroom wall decor ideas to liven up your space

Use a wraparound colour for an enveloping feel

If there is one space you want to ooze coziness and comfort, it is the bedroom. And one of the best ways to do this is to use a deep single colour across the whole room.

Consider the same paint idea over walls, skirting and joinery.

As well as the enveloping shade, clever joinery is another device used to add interest to the walls.

Use wall art to create visual interest

A wall without art is a missed opportunity to bring colour, texture and character into a bedroom. And the bonus is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to add art to your walls.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to one-off individual pieces, there are many options like photographs and posters to choose from.  Or you can source unique artwork online.

You can think further out of the box and use a textured wall hanging or a beautifully framed piece of fabric or sculpture.

Use different tones to create an illusion of height

If you choose to go for paint for your bedroom wall decor, there are still various ideas to be explored.

One of these is a two-tone effect using lighter and darker hues of the same shade to make the ceiling look higher.

It’s a clever design trick from those in the know, particularly if you want to make a small bedroom appear bigger.

Create a decorative mural effect

A decorative mural can bring a wall to life and be either large or small scale. While you can have a bespoke wall mural idea created, you would need pretty deep pockets. But the good news is that you can easily achieve a similar look with paint, wallpaper or even tiles. –

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