How to deal with exam results


Its exam results season. Exam results time at any level is bound to be a stressful time. Results days always offer a wide array of emotions. There’ll be the happy, smiley faces of those who have achieved what they were predicted and more. Congrats where congrats are due. There’ll be the smug grins of the underdogs who surpassed expectations against the odds. And finally there’ll be those distraught few who are disappointed with their results.

Prepare yourself with these handy tips to avoid added heartache.

Firstly it’s important to accept that what’s done is done, you can’t change the past.

There’s no point dwelling on how much or how little revision you did or that book you never got around to reading.

The sooner you realise your unexpected results are not the end of the world, the better chance you have of making them work for you. This last point is essential for those with hopes of going to university, as clearing places deplete at a ridiculously fast pace.

Once you’ve learnt to absorb your results, however disappointing, it’s time to think about where you go from here.

Speak to your tutors, it’s their job to help you and more often than not they’ll want to do just that. If you were particularly close to a grade boundary perhaps a remark might be an option.

Alternatively you could choose to re-sit that paper next term? If being a year behind is off-putting, mull over the pros and cons of a slightly different course or institution.

Ultimately your disappointment might seem like the end of the world at the time but it’s not, it’s merely an obstacle to be overcome. —


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