How Kode shaped Mahachi’s agency

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How Kode shaped Mahachi’s agency ONCE UPON A TIME...Gibson Mahachi (left) shares a moment with his colleagues, Joe “Kode’’ Mugabe (centre), and Blessing “Yogo Yogo’’ Makunike, in Harare, long before he became one of the leading football agents in the country

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Robson Sharuko Senior Sports Editor

GIBSON MAHACHI, one of the country’s leading football agents, has revealed how the late CAPS United legend, Joe “Kode’’ Mugabe, was one of the peoplewho influenced him to get into the world of the management of players.

The other one was former Zimbabwe international midfielder, Kennedy Nagoli, whose talent took him to play for Santos, the iconic Brazilian club, which used to be the home of Pele.

Nagoli, whose adventures in foreign leagues started when he was wooed to South Africa by the great Jomo Sono, also played in Cyprus.

The legendary Mugabe, one of the finest players to feature for the Green Machine, died in England, last weekend, after succumbing to cancer.

He was just a few weeks short of his 53rd birthday.

Mahachi’s agency has seen him manage the affairs of the likes of former Warriors coaches — Sunday Chidzambwa, Norman Mapeza and Callisto Pasuwa — and national team stars like Teenage Hadebe and Prince Dube, to name but a few.

The Harare-based agent has also established very strong links with Mike Makaab, the managing director of Prosport International, who are celebrating 20 years this year.

Prosport International have been involved in the management of the career of Warriors captain, Knowledge Musona, who is now based in Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, after a difficult week in which he tried to process, and accept, the death of Mugabe, Mahachi spoke to The Herald On Saturday, to reveal the big role which the former CAPS United superstar played, in influencing his career path, in the management of footballers.

The duo had first met when they played for the Green Machine juniors and immediately struck a relationship.

“I knew Joe from our time in the CAPS United juniors, and we were quite close, that was before I went to study in South Africa,’’ said Mahachi.

“When I returned from South Africa, I got a job here in Harare but was then posted to Kwekwe.

“I joined Kwekwe Sables, who were then in Division One, and then Chrome Stars and Joe used to come to Kwekwe a lot, to see me, because we had become quite close.

“Then, when Joe was given what proved to be his final deal by CAPS United, he reached out to me, asking where I could provide some advice, and guide him in certain areas.

“We sat down and went through the contract and, in areas where I felt things could be improved, I highlighted that and, at the end of the day, we were both satisfied with the changes we had made.

“Joe went ahead and accepted that deal and, after he signed it, he came back to me and said he felt I should do this more often, and try to help other players, who needed such advice in these complicated matters.

“I was now playing for Grain Tigers and I took time to consider his advice, which was similar to what I had also been told by Nagoli, and that’s how I started helping other footballers, before I started doing this on a bigger scale.

“We remained very close with Joe, even when he went to stay in England.’’

Mahachi revealed they explored the idea of taking Zimbabwe international, Tino Kadewere, from Sweden, to England, using some of the contacts which Mugabe had established in England.

“When Tino was doing well in Sweden, Joe told me that he now had some contacts which we could use, to try and take him to England, and it’s something that we tried,’’ said Mahachi.

“This tells you that even though he was now based in England, Joe never divorced himself from local football, because it’s an industry that he cared a lot for.

“It was who he was, he made his name in the local game and he was always trying to ensure that the current players get a good deal because he knew that, if we can have many of our players, in competitive leagues in Europe, it will be good for our national team.

“He used to send me some football boots, which I distributed among the local players, and that tells you that he never turned his back on the local game, which meant a lot to him.

“It came as a shock to hear that Joe had died because, I had been in contact with him on a regular basis, and he was always talking about trying to help the local footballers and local football.

“He was such a great man and, if I’m not mistaken, Yogo Yogo (the late Blessing Makunike) first stayed at Joe’s house, when he came to Harare, to try his luck at CAPS United.’’

Mahachi said the other former player, who was influential, in him becoming an agent, was Nagoli.

“When I was in Kwekwe, Kennedy wanted to me to play for Ziscosteel but, because of work commitments, I always told him that Redcliff was too far for me to keep going up and down for training,’’ he said.

“Then, Jomo came and took him to South Africa, Brazil and later Cyprus and Kennedy started asking me for some advice, in terms of where he could invest, what he could invest in and all that stuff.

“We discussed, and agreed, on some of the properties which he invested in, in Harare and Kwekwe, and that’s when Kennedy started telling me that I should try to help more players.

“That’s how it all started, this agency thing, and at the beginning we had Evans Chikwaikwai, Justice Majabvi and Edward Sadomba and everything started falling into shape, bit by bit.

“I can tell you, without any reservations, that Joe and Kennedy played a very big part, in influencing me to be where I am today, and it’s sad that we have lost Joe, at an early age, because he still had a lot to give to our football.’’

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