How did Zifa pay a ZAAC investigator?

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How did Zifa pay a ZAAC investigator?

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Henrietta Rushwaya

Sports Reporter
THE huge loan poured by Buymore Investments into Zifa coffers in 2012 has sparked controversy after it emerged that a Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission investigator was paid by the association for work that he was doing for the anti-graft body.Courage Nyamajiwa, a ZAAC investigator, was conducting investigations for the anti-graft body, centred on the Asiagate scam, which led to the arrest of former Zifa chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya.

Rushwaya was later tried and acquitted by a Chitungwiza magistrate.

However, revelations that Zifa were paying a ZACC investigator, at a time when the anti-graft body was carrying out its independent investigations into the Asiagate scam, appears to suggest that there was undue collusion between the two organisations in handling this issue.

Although Zifa’s Ethics Committee and ZACC could exchange notes, given that they were doing the same investigation, for the association to pay a ZACC investigator, as the 2012 Zifa audited accounts show, compromises the whole process.

Zifa were the complaints in the case and if they could be seen to be paying a ZACC investigator, who was fully employed and equipped by the commission specifically to conduct such investigations, sends signals of a process that was horribly compromised.

According to part of the Zifa audited financial statements, a copy of which is in the hands of The Herald, Zifa borrowed US$1 500 to Nyamajiwa on October 25 2012 and the payment is listed, on the accounts, as having been made for “Asiagate witness, accommodation and allowances.”

How Nyamajiwa, who also running his investigation on behalf of ZAAC could turn into an “Asiagate witness” who needed “accommodation and allowances” paid by Zifa turned into a huge talking point yesterday.

Rushwaya refused to comment on the issue last night while no comment could be obtained from Nyamajiwa or Zifa.

Emmanuel Chimwanda, who was a ZAAC commissioner and a member of the Ethics Committee headed by retired judge Justice Ebrahim, also received a number of payments from Zifa who borrowed money from Buymore Investments to pay him.

Chimwanda received US$2 000 on March 16, 2012, US$8 000 on June 15 2012 and US$10 000 on August 16 2012.

Various payments were also made to members of that committee, from money that Zifa borrowed from Buymore Investments, during the same year.

Four members of the committee were paid US$4 000 on June 18 2012, Justice Ebrahim was paid US$8 000 on June 19, 2012, two members of the committee were paid US$2 600 on August 4 2012 for their meals and accommodation and the committee, as a whole, was paid US$10 000 on September 5 2012.


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