‘Hovhorosi’ designer is back

‘Hovhorosi’ designer  is back

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Designer Herbert Huruva who became famous with the “Hovhorosi” clothing range that has President Mugabe’s signature has returned on the fashion scene with new designs.

Huruva announced his return when he tied the knot with his long time lover Prefer Nhambura at Manor Resort in Glen Lorne recently. He said they had already launched T-shirts, summer shorts and pants emblazoned with the signature of President Mugabe. Some of the T-shirts are branded 1924 with the President’s signature.

Huruva said his wedding inspired him to come up with new designs. “When you start new life you get inspiration and motivation and these new designs have come at a time I am starting a new life,” he said. He said he was inspired by the President and he will continue coming up with new designs. “He is our inspiration and as youths we have learnt a lot from him. That is how we managed to come with these designs,” he said.

At his wedding high profile figures were donning some of his designs that included t-shirts and shorts. Huruva reiterated that the business has contributed towards employment of the youths who sell these products including their famous ‘hovhorosi’.

“We are happy that these products have given people value for their money because the President’s signature is a brand and everyone wants to be associated with big brands,” Huruva said. “The demand is high and many youths are eking out a living from the sale of these products,” he said.

Huruva rose to fame with his Hovhorosi style that became an instant hit in town. He said they will be having a number of these designs, aiming to empower the youths. “President is our icon and we will continue emulating his works,” he said.

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