The Herald, December 4, 1980 

A POLICE horse had a moment of indignity and its rider a narrow escape during the State visit procession in Salisbury on Tuesday.  

The mounted escort, waiting to pick up the procession in Julius Nyerere Way, was thrown off stride by the arrival of President Nyerere, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. 

The horses had to trot smartly into position at the same time as the crowd surged forward to get a closer look at the Tanzanian President. 

With television cameras recording the scene, the horse was “spooked” and collided with the Presidential car, virtually sitting indecorously on the bonnet. 

An eyewitness said he saw the rider being thrown and roll clear just in time to avoid being run over by the car. 

The horse also fell, but struggled to its feet and fled into the crowd, said the eye witness. 

A police spokesman confirmed that there was an incident in Julius Nyerere Way in which a horse fell and threw its rider. 


It is always important to be on time than to be late. Being on time makes things easier and more manageable.

It is always essential to be prepared. The rider and his horse were caught unawares because President Nyerere’s motorcade arrived ahead of time.

Animals are sensitive creatures; they can react wildly if they feel threatened or cornered such as the case with the horse in the story which was spooked by crowds and cameras.

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