‘Home is best’

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‘Home is best’

The Herald

Audius, who was at his peak and enjoying the fruits of his career, made an emotional declaration. He promised that he was going to leave his life in Australia behind and return to his motherland for good.

True to his word, after spending 14 years in Australia he brought packed his bags and headed home. Was he going into retirement, many wondered?
A few months down the line, he is going stronger and has settled in just fine. He might have been keeping a low profile but swears he has never been happier.

“I guess I made a lifestyle choice. I worked hard in Australia but I ended up feeling that I’d rather put effort into music that has more sentimental meaning. Besides Australia, I have enjoyed success in territories like Europe and the United States,” he said.

No one can forget his ground-breaking hit that came off his self-titled album in 2002. Back then, he was much younger and his dreadlocks were spiky.
With his three albums “Ever After”, “Music and Me” and “Day Like This” he not only earned prestigious awards in Australia but also respect from his countrymen the world over.

His journey has been more of an evolution and now more than ever, he is the finest version of himself and what better place to be than among his people in Zimbabwe?
Since settling, he has appeared at “The Big Chill”. It is clear that it is far from over with Audius. “I’d never retire from music. It is my addiction from when I was young. I am finishing my next album called ‘House of Stone’, so the future means more music, producing and performances until the lights go out,” he said.

On his qualities, he says he is compulsive and obsessive. Could it be what it takes to be rated among the best? Perhaps, but it works for Audius. He went, he saw and now he is telling the tale.

Just like many with the “Zimbo” blood running through their veins, Audius is an ambitious entrepreneur who has been harnessing empowerment prospects. His interests in farming are an open secret to those that know him.

“I am trying my hand at different things. I am inspired to be a part of Zimbabwe’s initiative to be empowered to grow. I’ve been looking at various investment opportunities in farming, mining and construction. I have travelled the world over and I have hardly seen a country with a potential for growth like ours. It is only wise to be a part of this,” he said.

Audius has had his share of slips and the glamorous life too. One would somewhat expect to see him pulling a “diva” moment but certainly not him. He is friendly and does not even speak with a fake accent.

“I was brought up in a traditional set-up and because of that, I am well guarded though I respect people. I am humble which is different from what I see with a lot of people these days,” he said.

“I want to make sure that I do something special for my adoring fans that have always supported me. It has been long overdue,” he said.

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