Historical monuments take shape

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Historical monuments take shape Dr Mahachi

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HISTORICAL monuments are slowly taking shape across the country as President Mnangagwa walks the talk on shaping the country’s narrative through cultural projects.

This comes as the country recently celebrated its 41st Heroes Day anniversary where heroes, living or departed, were honoured through various awards in recognition of their service.

Soon another monument for First Chimurenga hero General Mtshane Khumalo, who commanded the Imbizo Regiment, under King Lobengula, that defeated the Allan Wilson Patrol at the Battle of Pupu on 10 December, 1893, will be unveiled with work at 90 percent complete. It also comes as President Mnangagwa, early this year, unveiled the statue of First Chimurenga war heroine Mbuya Nehanda.

Apart from the Pupu Memorial Site, work is also in progress at a shrine in Gutu with similar projects having been lined up elsewhere in the country, said the executive director of National Monuments and Monuments of Zimbabwe, Dr Godfrey Mahachi.

“We are currently working on the Chinhoyi 7 monument, we have done most of the works, there is a field museum, and presently we are in the process of completing ablution facilities. Our bigger plan is to have visitor’s facilities. In Masvingo, Gutu, work is 95 percent complete at Kamagumo Assembly point which is associated with the massacre of over 100 people. We have set up the interpretive panels to tell the Zimbabwe story,” said Dr Mahachi.

The monuments that are part of the Second Republic’s Vision 2030 also demonstrate the work ethic of President Mnangagwa who has brought a new governance culture through his philosophy “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’’ coupled with development that leaves no one behind.

“We have made strides towards honouring the heroes and heroines of the First and Second Chimurenga. The Mbuya Nehanda Statue was erected and now towers over Harare’s Central Business District. The memorialisation of our liberation battle sites, shrines, and restriction camps is ongoing in various parts of the country.

“At the continental level, the construction of the Museum of African Liberation has started. The museum will ensure the documentation, protection, and preservation of the history of African liberation struggles and help the celebration of the Continent’s achievements,” the President said in his address last week.

Among heroes and heroines that the country will honour are Sekuru Kaguvi, Chaminuka, Mkwati, Queen Lozikeyi Khumalo, Chinengundu, Mashayamombe, Mgandani Dlodlo, Chiwashira, Muchecheterwa, Chingaira Makoni, and Mapondera, who are all heroes and heroines of First Chimurenga.

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