Highfield residents drill borehole

Herald Reporter

The Highfield Community Development (HCD) has drilled the fourth borehole in the Harare suburb this year.

The foundation is sponsored by a frontline nurse based in United Kingdom, Ms Lynne Dadirayi Shoniwa.

HCD director and coordinator Ms Shoniwa said citizens should assist their countries, if resources permit.

“Worldwide, governments need assistance from residents,” she said.

“Giving back to my Zimbabwean community is my passion and we cannot wait for Government to do everything for us.

“As citizens, we should help ourselves and take off other burdens from our Government.”

Australian-based technician, Retired Major Onias Matemberere, who is an HCD committee member, also led by example by drilling a borehole near CJ Hall where he grew up.

“I really felt that it would be of greater benefit to have a borehole that not only serve my family, but the community at large with clean water at any given time,” he said.

“I truly believe that one act of kindness can inspire others to come together and put to use what they have and provide clean water to the community even in the hardest of times.”

The foundation was founded by Mr Antony Chamunorwa, who is the executive director, through a WhatsApp group evolved into a registered foundation.

It has since spearheaded the drilling of boreholes in Western Triangle and two more at the Zimbabwe Grounds.

Another HCD, member Mr Kenneth Ruredzo, added that people should help communities that raised them.

“Having been brought up in Highfield, I thought that we should be duty bound to give back to the community that shaped us to be what we are today,” he said.

“We also challenge everyone with their roots in Highfield to give back to the community.”

Mr Salias Maruta, also a regular contributor to the cause, hailed the idea of coming up with HCD.

“I am grateful to the good people of HCD for coming up with this idea of giving our Highfield community clean water,” he said. “Keep it up, we are proud of you and your #MvuraKuvanhu hashtag.”

Other HCD members have donated to the drilling of the boreholes, but chose to remain anonymous.

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