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MDC-T fires Khupe

The MDC-T National Council has today fired the party’s deputy president Thokozani Khupe and two other senior officials.

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Health boost for Nyanga

Health boost for Nyanga Minister Mandiwanzira
Minister Mandiwanzira

Minister Mandiwanzira

Nyore Madzianike Mutare Bureau
Health delivery in Nyanga is poised for a major boost as plans to set up Health Access Points in villages across the district are now in motion.

The Health Access Points are being set up by Nyanga South legislator Cde Supa Mandiwanzira through an initiative called “End Malaria Drive”. It will be rolled out by Nyanga Rural District Council. Under the project, seven Health Access Points and two clinics are being constructed.

Nyanga Rural District medical officer Dr Admore Jokwiro said the move would improve access to health services.

“There is no doubt that these Health Access Points will improve access to health facilities for the villagers,” he said.

“We have one in Dende, which is almost complete. It will open early next month. The access points in Dende will help about 2 600 people from three villages who used to travel for almost 35 kilometres to the nearest clinic. It, therefore, means that access to health services will be greatly improved.”

Dr Jokwiro said the Health Access Points would be constructed in Spring Valley, Matema, Sanhani, Nyamahumba and Chimusasa. Nyanga District Council is building a clinic in Munemo, whilst World Vision is constructing another one in Mukunza.

“The two clinics are near completion,” said Dr Jokwiro. He said there were plans to install an electronic system in the clinics that would help in monitoring drug stocks.

“It is an application called district pharmacy manager, which will assist in monitoring stocks in clinics,” said Dr Jokwiro. “The application will be able to give a weekly report on drugs that would be left in each connected clinic.

“Say for example, if a clinic runs out of drugs, the system would report that such a clinic is running out of stocks. It will help the district pharmacist to plan.”

A telemedicine facility was recently launched in Nyanga in a bid to eliminate geographical barriers since villagers could access professional health services through video conferencing. The telemedicine was connected at Nyatate and Tombo Clinics sometime early this year.

Cde Mandiwanzira officially launched another health centre in Nyanga early last month.

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