‘Head On’: Green’s cocktail of collabos

‘Head On’: Green’s cocktail of collabos
Andy Muridzo and Carlos Green

Andy Muridzo and Carlos Green

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Rising musician Carlos Green knows the power of collaborations and on his latest album “Head On” he brings in different voices for a production that is likely to appeal to music followers across genres.

The album is a fusion of various beats. It has danceable songs and slow touching tracks that speak to the soul. He roped in musicians from various genres, apparently to send different messages to different music followers.

“Head On” features Andy Muridzo, Progress Chipfumo, Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Roki and Boom Berto. The selection of duets obviously says a lot about what to expect on the album.

From Muridzo and Chipfumo, a listener will look forward to something aligned to traditional contemporary style; in Soul Jah Love, Killer T and Boom Berto the anticipation is dancehall chants; while from Roki music followers would expect a fast beat with a few modern fusions. That is what Carlos Green seeks to achieves with “Head On”.

While the title-track is hinged on a story about and individual who comes across unexpected situations, the album is a head-on collision of various merrymaking sounds that, instead of leaving a wreckage, create a promising fusion. Carlos Green gives Killer T the honour of leading all the other collaborations through the opening track titled “Mafaro”. As its title suggests, the track is about having fun and Killer T’s voice is unmistakable as the dancehall chanter takes a listener into merrymaking mood while Carlos Green chooses lyrics that enhance the mood. Vocally-gifted Muridzo brings his talent on the song “Ndidaire” that is also about being happy. On the duet, the musicians tell merrymakers to respond to their call to happiness. The song is already making waves on local radio stations.

Another dancehall feel comes with Soul Jah Love, whose voice leads the track “Ndini Ndakatanga”. The song is a self-praise composition about how Carlos Green brags of having been the first in achieving many things in life.

While Roki would have been expected to feature on a party song, he comes on a touching track “Kure Kure” that speaks to a departed loved one. It is a track about a son speaking to his late mother updating her on how he has been able to take care of the family after her departure. It seems the situation has personal relevance to Carlos Green, considering that it is a continuation of a preceding track titled “Nhamo Ndakaiona”, which is not a duet. On “Nhamo Ndakaiona” Carlos Green chronicles the difficulties that someone faces in life due to being disadvantaged.

Talented guitarist Chipfumo’s touch makes “Nezvangu” classic. Carlos Green represents someone who is unlucky to have dishonest associates that say bad things about his achievements. Chipfumo comes in with consoling lyrics telling the affected person not to look back. Boom Berto joins Carlos Green on “Nzimbe” a jiti song that will send a listener to the dance floor. The other jiti song is “Mare”, the last track of the album that Carlos Green did alone. Other songs to look forward to besides collaborations are “Gore Rino”, “Chironda” and “Chiremba”. The album has 16 songs.

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