He wanted a chess partner in heaven


BEIJING. – A 54-year-old Chinese man killed his friend and neighbour before committing suicide because he wanted to take his chess partner to heaven, according to local media. The man, surnamed Liao, left a suicide note confessing that he had killed his 57-year-old neighbour because he feared he would miss his chess partner in heaven, the police in southeast China’s Zhejiang Province said.

The body of the killed neighbour was found by his landlady, who had come to the house in Jinhua in the province to collect rent.

The police said there was evidence of strangulation around the neighbour’s neck, and they found Liao’s body in the next room. There also were two notes and some drugs found in that room, they said.

Liao is believed to have killed himself over family conflicts. The landlady called Liao unsociable and eccentric, local media reported.  – AFP.

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