Hatcliffe women to be sentenced on Friday

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

The five Hatcliffe women who recently assaulted and undressed a woman whom they suspected of having an affair with the husband of their colleague will know their fate on Friday.

Four of the accused persons Zelpa Kanduza (19), Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo and Olleyn Vinyungwi have pleaded guilty to the assault whilst Mitchel Kariwo denied the charges.

The accused will remain in custody until Friday when presiding Magistrate Mr Gamuchirai Gore will give his ruling on the matter.

Meanwhile, Kariwo’s trial will commence on February 20.

It was established in court that the first four accused persons were married women who are not employed.

Natasha who had lied on Monday before the court that she was aged 17, apologised for misleading the court after her national identity document was tendered and showed she is aged 20.

In mitigation, they asked for forgiveness for what they did to the complainant Alice Chaichai.

In response, Chaichai said the incident affected her health and marriage.

“My health was affected and my marriage. My eye is not functioning well and my legs are swollen.

“Also my husband does not believe that I’m not having an affair with Zelpa’s husband, may the accused kindly tell him the truth,” she said.

Prosecutor Ms Kenchelskis Ropi proved that on February 1, at around 1 pm and at stand number 4088 Hatcliffe Extension Harare, the accused persons arrived looking for Chaichai.

Chaichai arrived later on and Natasha asked her if she was having a love affair with Zelpa’s husband.

Chaichai denied being involved in such an affair which angered the accused persons who then teamed up and dragged her out of her house.

While outside the house, they took turns punching her several times all over the body as she lay helplessly on the ground.

Zelpa went on to kick her countless times all over her body as others were busy punching her.

The accused went on to strip Chaichai off her clothes by removing her dress and tearing her skin tight and pants before leaving the complainant lying unconscious on the ground.

The court heard that a well-wisher went on to cover Chaichai with a cloth as she had sustained an eye injury and bruises on the legs.

She went to the hospital where she was admitted.

She later made a police report which leading to the arrest of the accused persons.

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