Harry Lusengo out to prove critics wrong Harry Lusengo

Curtworth Masango

NEWLY-APPOINTED Dynamos team manager Harry Lusengo is ready to deliver and prove all those who doubt him wrong through hard work.

The 27-year-old, who is the son of club board chairman Bernard Marriot-Lusengo, believes he deserves his appointment as he has worked hard during his days as kit manager.

Harry joined the senior team in 2015 after working with the junior team from 2013 and he has been in the technical setup to date.

“I feel excited and I am humbled by the appointment. I have worked for the club for so long and it’s pleasing to see that our executive members have seen it fit to uplift me.

“I understand there is a lot of work that needs to be done and it is all I am focusing on now. I am looking forward to the challenge and seeing how I will do.”

He added;

“But I am grateful to my executive who gave me this chance. It means a lot. As a person, I can say I am ready for this deployment. It’s also a chance to prove people who have doubted me wrong and show them I can be my own man who is responsible and capable.

“I am looking forward to being professional and a good example for the whole team. I understand many believe the appointment was influenced by my father but I am proud to say I have been with the club for a long time and I have been working hard in my previous position and I would want to continue working hard.”

Club vice-chairman Vincent Chawonza, who also heads the human capital subcommittee, said the decision was collective and is in trajectory with the club’s vision of having youthful leaders.

“He has been in the Dynamos technical side for a very long time. We believe he has grown and has gained a lot of experience.

“Our target was someone young and experienced with knowledge of how the team is run and it turns out Harry knows everything as he was with the team for a long time as the kit manager,” he said.

Harry’s character and ability to lead have been questioned in the past and many fear that he won’t be up for the task of being team manager.

However, Chawonza says Harry has undergone grooming and his recent behaviour is for all to see.

He says they are going to set up several sports courses for him to attend as well.

“We are also going to take him to do sports management courses as well. He has been discharging his duties very well and his relationship with everyone is amazing. So for continuity, he is the future.

“In terms of his behaviour, it’s not about whether he is going to behave or not because if you look at it you will find that for a long time, we have been grooming him, and in the past season I guess you won’t find any headline that accused him of bad doing.

“He is behaving well and gained the respect of everyone at the club. This is a collective decision from the executive and the technical team and it shows that he is working well with others,” he said.

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