Hare gains ground with ‘Panganayi’

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The future looks bright for singer Panganai Hare whose debut album “Mbuva yeHwiza” is gaining ground in local showbiz. The album has been dominating airwaves since its release two months ago and it promises to continue making waves.

So far, the most popular song of the album is “Panganayi”, which is currently on number one on Radio Zimbabwe Coca- Cola Top 20. It is also gaining ground at public gatherings because it has a unique sungura style with female lead vocals.

The lead vocals were done by Ethel Musunza. Her voice brings a new dimension to sungura. Female lead vocals are uncommon in sungura and the track offers a refreshing vibe.

“Panganayi” is a song about a woman who implores her husband not to take her love for granted after the man apparently boasts of having many lovers in many parts of the country.

A video of the song was shot recently and it will have some local celebrities.
Hare said he is happy that the album has been received well. Other popular songs on the six-track album are “Zvibatwa” and “Mariah” that features Somandla Ndebele.

“It is a debut album and we did not expect such a response. The song “Panganayi” also features talented chanter Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika who does animation towards the end of the track. Shiga Shiga is among talented musicians that Hare worked with on the album. They include Spencer Khumulani, Mathew Perego and Takauya Karikodzi that are all from Utakataka Express.

Other outstanding names are drummer Obert Gomba and guitarist Innocent Mjintu who previously worked with Macheso.
Also on vocals in Musaope Nkoma who previously worked with Macheso and Dhewa. He is currently working with Tendai Dembo.

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