Hare basks in glory of debut album success Panganayi Hare

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Getting a third position on Radio Zimbabwe Cocal-Cola Top 50 with his song “Panganayi” from debut album “Mbuva Yehwiza” was an unexpected achievement for Panganayi Hare. While he is still celebrating the achievement, the musician who is popularly known as Mukoma Panga, has encountered another surprise. This time it is a nomination in the Best Sungura category of Zimbabwe Music Awards.

Mukoma Panga should be a happy man. “Mbuva Yehwiza” is his first studio project and he did not expect it to attract such attention. The man is also on record saying he is only doing music for fun.

The fun has led to fame, which could translate to fortune in the near future. The musician has every reason to celebrate.

In an interview after announcement of Zima nominees, Mukoma Panga said he did not expect the album to make great inroads in the music industry.

“This is a good achievement for us. This our first album as The Super Crew (his backing band) and it was more of an experiment,” he said.

“I was first surprised by the reception the album got after its release. People liked it and within a week, it was making waves. This is a good start for us and we are sure the future is bright.”

Hare saluted fans for voting for them and supporting their music.

“I would like to thank our fans for supporting us since the album was released. Most songs on the album have been received well and we have done a video for Panganayi, which is proving to be a hit with viewers.”

Panganayi video features Madam Boss and it tells a story of a woman who, despite her efforts to show love, is despised by her husband.

Other songs on the album are “Zinonganonga”, “Zvibatwa” and “Maria”, which features Somandla Ndebele.

Hare said the success of their debut release has inspired them to take their art to another level in 2020. He said he is still doing music for fun and enjoying the hobby.

Hare’s involvement with music began many years ago when he was based in Bulawayo and promoted various musicians that include Simon Chimbetu, Alick Macheso, Tongai Moyo and Cephas Mashakada among others.

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