Harare Women’s League back First Lady for VP Dr Mugabe
Dr Mugabe

Dr Mugabe

Paidamoyo Chipunza Senior Reporter
ZANU-PF’s Harare provincial Women’s League has thrown its weight behind First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe for the post of Vice President following the dismissal of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa from the post on Monday. Speaking during the official launch of the ZANU-PF Harare province Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) database for women yesterday, provincial chairperson Mrs Joyce Kasinamunda said the Women’s League fully supports President Mugabe’s bold decision to fire Cde Mnangagwa.

“Harare supports the removal of Cde Mnangagwa from the post of Vice President and has resolved to recommend our Secretary for the Women’s League Dr Amai Grace Mugabe for the post of Vice President. We therefore appeal to you Amai Undenge to take up our resolution and recommendation upwards for consideration,” said Mrs Kasinamunda, referring to national Women’s League Secretary for Administration Cde Letina Undenge, who was the guest of honour at the BVR database launch.

Amai Undenge, who was standing in for Dr Mugabe at the launch, promised to transmit the women’s recommendation to the relevant party structures.

“We must learn that if you are assigned to do a task by your superior, it does not mean you must override him and take over his leadership role like what Cde Mnangagwa was doing. He had become a frolic of his own. He had gone outside his job description,” said Cde Undenge.

She said President Mugabe was patient with him for a long time, hoping he would reform and do what was expected of him, but nothing changed. Cde Undenge also said the ouster of Cde Mnangagwa would bring peace within ZANU-PF as there would no longer be issues of infighting emanating from factionalism.

“The removal of Cde Mnangagwa will bring peace in the party as there would no longer be infighting for positions, no longer hate speech against each other and no more factionalism. We will now be working together as a party,” said Cde Undenge.

She said the party was looking forward to inviting all women to also participate in building the country’s economy through ZANU-PF. Turning to the BVR database launch, Cde Undenge said it was important to know how many women had registered to vote and how many were still facing challenges. She urged all district chairpersons attending the meeting to go and work with their cell leaders to come up with statistics on who has registered and who has not.

“Women constitute the majority of eligible voters in Zimbabwe and it is important to ensure that all those who are eligible to vote have registered. We will assist all those facing registration challenges so that all those who are supposed to vote are registered,” said Cde Undenge.

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