Harare to get drug abuse clinic


Ellah Mukwati Herald Reporter
HARARE City Council is set to construct a medical centre for drug and alcohol abuse following the rise in addictive substance use, a council committee has said.

According to recent council minutes, the city’s Environmental Management Committee said the medical clinic will be constructed on stand number 273 Glen Lorne 8 (of Lot 40A of Glen Lorne).

The deputy director in the Ministry of Health and Child Care responsible for mental health services and substance abuse, Mrs Dorcas Sithole, recently said it was worrying that youths of school-going age were abusing drugs.

“It calls for concern as many youths, including those of school-going age, are abusing drugs.

“There is need to educate the youths on the dangers of drug abuse so as to eradicate the problem,” Mrs Sithole said.

The effectiveness of addiction treatment depends on the person’s willingness to participate and the type and level of support the person receives during and after treatment.

Someone who is an active participant in his or her treatment programme will progress much more quickly and have a better chance of success than someone who is reluctant to participate or who hides details about his or her drug or alcohol use from treatment staff.

A strong support system is also essential during and after treatment.

In some cases, family and friends can provide effective support, although family counselling may be necessary to give family members the tools they need to help the recovering addict.

Drug abuse in the country has been fuelled by the availability of marijuana, glue and Bronclear cough syrup, which can be purchased for a dollar or less.

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