Harare pastor ventures into music

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Harare pastor ventures into music

The Herald

A Harare pastor Prophet Tapiwa Freddy is a man of many talents. Not only is he blessed with spiritual spectacles that enable his congregants to “prophesy”, but he is also a gospel musician with several musical projects to his name. In an interview, Prophet Freddy, who could not hide his passion for music, said he was in the studio recording his third album.“Music is my first love. I believe that music is a crucial media of communication and can enhance one’s relationship with God,” he said.

The Musana-born prophet, who says he had wanted to be a journalist, burst onto the musical scene in 2003 with his debut gospel six-track album titled Mesiya. The album received lukewarm response from an increasingly growing gospel fan base, which was reveling in the success of big musical names like Pastor Charles Charamba, Tamuka Marodza and Pastor Lawrence Haisa.

Pastor Freddy was not discouraged but went back into the studio resulting in the release of his second album, Serevende. The album became an instant hit with gospel lovers especially the track Varoyi Maboora Ngoma, a track that received rave reviews and attained pole positions on local radio stations.

It was during his second album launch that Pastor Freddy was called by God to start a ministry, stalling his musical career that was beginning to take shape. Because of the hectic schedule he now had as a result of the dictates of the ministry, Pastor Freddy no longer had time to sit down and pen any songs, let alone attend rehearsals.

“I got extremely busy with God’s work, especially when I began to experience spiritual ‘spectacles’, where I would pray for my congregants so that they would be enabled to see with their own eyes, what was happening in their lives,” he said.

However, despite hogging the limelight as a prophet, he now wants to juggle both responsibilities and is currently working on his third album to be released soon. With a jam-packed schedule, where he would need to juggle his musical career, serve his congregation, and continue to expand his musical ventures, Pastor Freddy concedes that it will not be easy.

“If you believe God’s called and gifted you to serve the church with your music as well, then you will need to fulfill everything that the Lord asked you to do. Music is one of them,” he said.

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