in entertainment.
Gone are the days when revellers would drive or catch a cab in search of a bit of fun either for mid-week parties or revelling weekends.
Nightclubs are literally all over Harare, changing the city’s landscape that had for some time, been largely dominated by restaurants, offices, retail outlets and funeral parlours.
The growing consumerism has not only been confined to the entertainment scene alone but seem to have cascaded to other areas, where Harare now boasts more food outlets, more clothing retails and more nightclubs than before
However, it appears that club goers are excited about this development saying Harare’s night life is now more diverse and livelier than before.
A snap survey done by this paper revealed that more than 10 nightclubs last year joined the club circuit and more are expected to open this year, as the revelling mood swells.
Some of the clubs that have opened doors to the public include Fiction, Fusion, Zimcafe, Nigerian-owned Barca Sports Bar, Rugby Bar, Upper Lounge in Rhodesville and Circus Night Club, formerly Amnesia.
Alexander Sports Club is now home to Huggies Entertainment, while Kebab along Enterprise Road, which had gone quiet, is now back in full swing and now have a slot for ragga and reggae lovers every Saturday.
Ruwa folks also have something to smile about following the opening of another joint – Boomerang Ruwa – situated next to TM Supermarket.
While some of these upmarket joints opened in Harare are not situated in the CBD, there are still others, literally littered within the same vicinity and somehow battling for patrons.
These include City Sports Bar, Super Lable, Club Liz, Boomerang, Chelsea, Jazz 105, Ximex Bar and Grill and Sports Diner International situated in the Avenues.
However, the beauty about this development is that there is now something for everyone, especially for the fun-loving population in Harare that had for a long time, been complaining of limited choices.
While many people may argue that the new clubs are opening up to change the redundant dance scene, just as old clubs have revamped their music selections, one cannot deny that there is a growing demand for discerning clubs that offer unique services.
Club regulars are looking for a place that offers more than just drinks and music.
“Newer music, reasonably priced drinks, spruced up environment and better acts on stage are what the people are now demanding,” said a Harare reveller, Ashton Murambi. He added that because of globalisation, people were increasingly getting restless with mundane set ups, and needed to catch up with what is happening in other parts of the world.
“A number of club owners in town had become very complacent and were giving patrons a raw deal by charging so much for deplorable services.
“More often than not, you will walk into a club to be confronted by stinking floors, shabbily dressed and overworked waitress, not to mention abhorrent behaviour, where all sorts of acts will take place on the dance floor.
“But this will now be the thing of the past, because our choices are no longer limited,” said a local DJ, Ashley Styles.
Some of the clubs that recently opened say they already have a clientele and a patronage that does not only so much to have a glass of beer or a tot of gin, but just to hook up with friends, while catching up on the latest gossip in town.

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